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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘Undercover!’

Brian knows that Mr. Sands killed the office clerk and is still worried Harris will find out.

The CJC is being interviewed about Lucy’s tactics in the field. They retell the assignment:

A list of undercover agents has been taken and five agents are currently missing. Lucy Church is one of them. Brian quickly recovers the four other agents.

He finds Lucy by waiting for her to speed late at night. She is interested in his problem solving abilities and asks him to join her.

Lucy’s boss gives her two days to finish her assignment. She wants to find the girls who are taken and sold into slavery. Brian is accompanying her to an event as a potential client. But he’ll need NZT.

Harris delivers the NZT to Brian and then meets Mr. Sands at a bar. In order to keep her quiet, he offers Harris a job as a member of Senator
Morra’s security team. It’s a very temping offer.

Brian fits in with the douchey rich guys when he meets Sergei, the Blue Limit’s manager, and helps him out with a small problem.

Sergei sends over a woman as thanks for Brian’s help. Upon Brian’s refusal, she offers to let Lucy join them.

They didn’t have sex with her but to avoid suspicion, they wait out the two hours. Its a good thing Irina likes reality TV.

Brian’s next assignment is to be a temp for the Blue Limit.

He cracks the code to a secret room then the code to the safe where he finds the passports!

Back at the hotel, Brian is setting up care packages for the girls. A little something so that they don’t leave with nothing. Brian also finds Edelweiss and says that they could possibly find the hit an there. Lucy kisses him. Not the standard reaction. They apparently partake in an awesome

Bollywood dream sequence. By that, I mean they hook up. Big surprise.

Their time is now up and they have yet to find the man who is killing these girls. Brian wants to continue the mission, but he doesn’t have

Brian goes undercover as a tech support guy. He finds a name, Gudman Friedrich on a magazine.

The list of agents was released and should have halted Lucy’s investigation. She is more determined to finish this out now.

Harris goes back to Mr. Sands and refuses. She found out that he wants her to keep quiet about Morra’s case. She vows to find out the truth.

Lucy, desperate to catch the bad guy, realizes that her face is now out their and this is her last undercover job. She has to save these girls.

Lucy interrogates Friedrich but when she doesn’t get her way, she pulls out her gun.

If she shoots him, Lucy will go to jail. She doesn’t care. Brian promises to go along with her if she doesn’t kill Friedrich. So she shoots him in the leg.

Brian keeps his word and solves the case, it turns out that by offering immunity, a lot of the male clients were willing to talk.

To end out the episode, Mr. Sands hires some guy to bug Harris’s apartment.

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