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‘Legion’ Season Finale Preview

Published on June 12th, 2018 | Updated on June 13th, 2018 | By FanFest

After ten bizarre, complex, beautiful, and borderline maddening episodes, season two of Legion has finally come to the finish line and nothing looks like it’s going to be the same. All season long we’ve watched as David has struggled internally with the pact he made with Future Syd in order to prevent her future. A future that has left her without an arm and a number of friends. Because of a monster. A monster that has broken free and destroyed everything that she once loved. While every great X-Men story seems to deal with a future that’s, uh, not so good, I can’t help but feel that Future Syd could’ve done more in order to prevent it. Reaching out to David was the right move but keeping information from him wasn’t. Everything we know about David is he’s a highly emotional being. Almost to the point of being irrational. After the death of his sister, we watched as he created a number of different multiverses in the hopes that one of them could save his relationship with her. I wouldn’t say that that’s necessarily a healthy way to approach that issue. For the two seasons that we’ve known David, we understand that this is a man who is just one break down away from destroying everything, and Future Syd should have understood this. Hell, Future Syd was once Present Day Syd, and who knew David better than her?

Keeping information from David was a mistake. A massive one at that. We’ve spent the majority of this season trying to prevent a future that seems all but inevitable now. David has gone off the reservation, and if the opening of last weeks episode was any indication, then we’re about to get the David of the future. The David with the tall hair that wears vests without any undershirts in my favorite comic book moment of the season. Such an incredible visual that I never expected the show to actually tackle considering the look is so ridiculous. With Legion though the ridiculous is right at home. David is becoming legion… the monster of the future.

The bond between Farouk and David was always flimsy at best. How could David possibly be expected to align himself with someone who has tormented him the majority of his life? That alliance was doomed since jump street, and I’m starting to believe that it’s Farouk who is expediting it. Once the Shadow King learned that David was the monster of the future it seemed that every move he made ensured David would be caving in his skull as we were told. Future Syd proclaiming that Farouk could become the hero was enticing, but not plausible. Here is a being that wants to see the world burn, and even though he’s obtained his body, I’m starting to believe that Farouk wants his legacy to be creating legion.

Where do we go from here? Is it possible for David to be saved? A couple of episodes ago I would have said yes, but now that Melanie has gotten into Syd’s head it doesn’t seem likely. The idea of preserving love doesn’t seem like it’s currently in her deck of cards. Syd feels betrayed and lost now that she’s learned of David’s true actions. You know, hiding key information, kissing Lenny, making out with her future self. The man she thought she knew, even as she was losing him, is all but gone now. All that’s left is punching a minotaur. That’s not a metaphor. Is it that battle that costs her her arm? Possibly. I’d hate for David to be responsible for that. As much as the show looks to be pointing in the direction of Future Syd vs Future David, I’d hate for David to cause direct physical harm to Syd. There would be no coming back from that for David. He’d truly be gone and I want to believe that David can be saved.

I think season two ends with the start of the future we’ve been trying to avoid, and season three addresses how it can be saved. We know that David is beyond powerful, he’s Charles Xavier’s son after all, and if there is a glimmer of hope that he can be saved then that’s all that’s needed to possibly change the future. David is strong enough to create multiple universes inside his head. Is it possible for him to create one that reverses the damage he’s done? Create a world in his vision? David’s mind is jam packed with different personalities, and if he’s about to go full heel, I think we need to hope that one of those voices is the David we know from these last two seasons.

Outside of that, we need to seriously start asking ourselves who lives and dies. Syd and Cary seem safe based on what we know from this season. Lenny looks to be there too as we saw her in the Princess Leia Return of the Jedi role in last weeks opening. It wasn’t a steel bikini but she totally looked chained up to David’s throne. Melanie, Oliver, and Kerry are wild cards at this point. Maybe they live maybe they don’t. There’s still so much we don’t know about this future except that there were casualties. I think tonight we’ll watch as that future starts to take shape. For better or worse.

There you have it Geeklings, Legion is ending its season on some dark notes which has resulted in some fantastic viewing. I’m going to turn it over to you. Do you think David can be saved? Is the future we’ve been avoiding all season knocking on the door? Who lives and who dies? Sound off in the comments. As always if you’d like to talk more Legion with yours truly you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. In the meantime, happy viewing and remember reality is a choice. See everyone tomorrow with my episode review.


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