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Legion “Chapter 18” Preview

Here we go, with only two episodes left in the season everything is finally coming to a head on Legion and it looks like we’re going to have quite the battle on our hands. We learned last week that David actually had a plan before heading out to wander the desert and while not all the pieces are coming together, sorry Clark, it does appear that unlikely alliances are taking shape.

Lenny siding with David may seem a little strange, considering she spent the majority of the first season being the villain of the show, but it does make sense. Lenny needs to be a part of David’s life, and I don’t think it’s just because she wants to torment him. There is some genuine affection there, even some love possibly, and she’d do anything to win his attention. Too bad Syd exists but that’s not going to stop Lenny from being there for her boi. After some convincing from her resident mind ghost, Amy, Lenny kicks into action heading to the desert with the weapon supplied by Cary and Kerry. Now all she has to do is find David and set up shop for some good old sniper work. Except in her latest vision of the battle we see that creepy minitour skeleton thing creeping up behind her. Doesn’t look promising but it’s Lenny. She’s got this.

Joining the opposing side is Melanie, who hasn’t had a whole lot to do this season, but has fallen quite swiftly into the manipulation of Oliver and Farouk. This is why we don’t smoke drugs out of ceramic elephants kids. We know that Oliver wants to kill the Shadow King himself and I’m wondering if maybe his recruitment of Melanie is part of his plan…? Maybe? Most likely not but it’s nice to dream. If the trailer is any indication then it looks like Melanie and Syd are going to be doing battle while Oliver and David throw down elsewhere.

Which makes for an interesting case, Oliver is clearly acting against his will, much like David was most of last season. Is David’s rage blinding him to this fact or is it a simple matter of him not caring anymore. Once Amy was taken off the board we have gotten one step closer to a David who is willing to fulfill the future world that Future Syd lives in. A part of me wants David to reign it in and make sense of everything that’s happening around him. I can’t help but think that since Farouk knows that David is the monster of the future that he’s doing everything in his power to ensure that it happens. You know, just because. Which means David could easily be playing into the Shadow King’s plan. There’s also a part of me that wants to see David go crazy town banana pants and lose his shiz. What would that be like? We caught glimpses of it in the multiverses that David created in his mind but I kind of want to see a David that destroys the world. I can’t be alone here.

What does that mean for everyone else though? I’m not entirely sure. We know that Syd loses a limb but survives the future. We know that Cary designs the sphere that sends Future Syd to the past (our present) so he most likely survives. Everyone else? Your guess is as good as mine.

The good news in all of this is we most likely will see how this story is going to play out as FX picked up Legion for a third season. For that we all say thank you big big.

What do you think Geeklings? What are you expecting from tonight’s episode? Is David playing into the hands of the Shadow King? Will Lenny actually be of much help? Are Oliver and Melanie secretly working against the Shadow King? Sound off in the comments below. As always if you’d like to talk more Legion with yours truly then you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. Enjoy tonight’s episode and see everyone back here tomorrow with the review! Reality is a choice.


Trailer and images from FX