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Legion “Chapter 17”- When A Plan Starts To Form

Published on May 30th, 2018 | Updated on May 31st, 2018 | By FanFest

When David set out for the desert last week we had to know that he had more of a plan other than wandering around until he found the body. The desert is massive and David is up against the clock now that Farouk knows where his body is located. David may be filled with rage and confusion but it’s tough to believe that he could be this unprepared for the Shadow King, and it turns out that he wasn’t. As we saw in “Chapter 17” David roamed around Division III planting different aspects of the plan in the minds of a number of characters. Clark, the Kerry and Cary, and Lenny all had different aspects of the plan hidden within their minds most likely to prevent the Shadow King from seeing the whole picture.

With Clark, the plan hit a bit of a snag because of Melanie, who is now under the control of Oliver and Farouk. I couldn’t help but feel pretty bad for Melanie this season as she went from being in charge of the Summerland group to kind of sitting on the sidelines. Her heart is broken over the loss of Oliver, again, and she’s finding that the men going out and being the “heroes” isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Their actions are self-serving and selfish and willingly ignore those they leave behind. Melanie has sat mostly on the sidelines this season smoking her drugs out of her ceramic elephant but came up in a big way to interfere with David’s plan. Clearly, the mind manipulation from Oliver and the Shadow King is taking its toll as she appears to be mentally breaking down. How long can you roam around Division III muttering to yourself before someone locks you up for a bit or plugs you into a tree? Melanie knocks out Clark before he can act on David’s plan, which seemed to be taking the Vermillions and helicoptering into the desert, and one has to believe that in order for David’s plan to work he’ll need all the pieces.

Unless Clark was a diversion set to distract the Shadow King. Might not be likely but it’s definitely possible.

Suzanne Tenner (FX)

As far as the other aspects of David’s plan, Kerry and Cary both have the same vision about the ultimate weapon and an electric blue octopus at the same time. It’s Cary who pieces it together and the next thing you know the two of them are stealing a blue car, weapon in hand, and heading off to the bar with the electric octopus sign. Season two has not had enough of the dynamic between Kerry and Cary as they supply some of the shows best moments. I don’t want to say that they’re comic relief but Kerry brings such a child’s perspective to certain topics much like how she thinks she can stab death and kill it before it can claim Kerry. The thought is endearing and touching while dancing on the line of humor. I’m hoping that their role in David’s plan is more than just supplying the car and weapon for… Lenny!

That’s right, Lenny is out of Division III and is out partying with a whole bunch of ceramic animal drug addicts. With a brand new sense of freedom and a brand new body, Lenny wastes no time getting back to her old ways. Except, this isn’t the old Lenny. This isn’t even her body, and much like David last year, she’s got a mental guest. Amy may have given up her physical body to Lenny but she refuses to leave her mind daring Lenny into admitting that she’s a good person, and while the answer to that question may not be so cut and dry there is one thing that can’t be denied. Lenny loves David and it’s that love that makes her want to participate in the plan. Amy uses that love into manipulating Lenny into action and the next thing we know she’s stolen Cary and Kerry’s car, the weapon, and teleports to the desert.

Yes. Teleports to the desert.

Outside of Clark, it appears that David’s plan is going as anticipated. Cary and Kerry have put a tracking unit on the weapon so they know where the weapon is and there is hope that they can bring Clark in like the vision foretold. Lenny is in the desert and we’ve seen plenty of visions with her and a sniper rifle. It is a bit alarming though that the minotaur skeleton creeps up behind her at some point. From there there are a ton of wild cards. David and Syd are still lost and stuck in the tent that has their skeletons. Oliver and Farouk are outside a cave but it seems that Oliver is distracted by Melanie. Then there’s the whole Oliver wants to kill Farouk himself thing. All this adds up to a recipe for possible disaster.

There are only two episodes left in season two of Legion and things are heating up. One has to believe with all these characters converging to the same location that something is going to go wrong and there’s going to be one tremendous show off between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Granted, nothing on Legion is that cut and dry but you know what I mean. Will everyone survive? Not likely, but the bigger question is will David be able to keep his feelings and check and prevent the future. A future where he becomes a monster and wipes out a good portion of the world. Or will he give into his grief and cave in the Shadow King’s head just like Future Syd said he would? Only time will tell.

There you have it Geeklings, what did you think of this week’s Legion? Is David’s plan working out? Can they still beat the Shadow King? Can Melanie be saved? Do you believe Lenny is capable of doing what’s right? Sound off in the comments. If you’d like to talk more Legion you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. I’ll see everyone here next week with our Legion columns and remember, reality is a choice.


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