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Legion “Chapter 15” Review- Cracking Some Eggs

For those complaining that Legion has not been progressing the plot of this season as of late, complain no more. “Chapter 15” was an episode that was very plot-heavy while introducing new conflicts and confirming a certain theory I’ve had about the future. As confusing as Legion can make its presentations at times, “Chapter 15” was kind of a straightforward episode. At least when one considers how Legion usually operates. Of course, there were a number of moments set out to confuse and stimulate your mind, but the overall plot was pretty easy to follow here.

David is on the verge of causing the very future he promised to help prevent. The death of his sister at the hands of the Shadow King has kind of pushed him over the edge and brought an end to their truce. David wants to find Farouk’s body but only so he can set fire to it which is an understandable emotion but maybe not the most rational way of thinking. It certainly seems that he’s playing right into the hands of the Shadow King who seems unphased by David’s threats. One thing we’ve learned about Farouk is that he always seems to be in control and a few moves ahead, and he confirms that by pimping out a car so he can go visit Future Syd. Up until this point, it was unclear whether or not Farouk was aware of Future Syd but I guess he’s still able to read David’s mind.

Future Syd explains that her future needs the Shadow King in the hopes of preventing the events that happen, and the Shadow King who is fully aware of what is being alluded to coyly plays with Future Syd. Everything is a game to him and he relishes in the fact that someone who has been hunting him in the present needs him so desperately in the future. The question is why though and after some goading Farouk reveals just what is destroying the world in Syd’s future and it’s… David! That’s right, as expected David seemingly loses control after the Shadow King is destroyed and becomes the villain we caught a glimpse of in “Chapter 14”. With David’s immense power we can’t fault Future Syd for trying to recruit the Shadow King, but even she can’t confirm that it’ll work. All she knows is that the lack of Farouk doesn’t help so keeping him alive is a roll of the dice she’s willing to take.

David, on the other hand, seems to kind of be oblivious to the fact that he’s going to become a world-ending monster. At the moment he’s more focused on revenge for his sister and conflicted with his feelings for both Syd and Future Syd. In some way, they’re the same person but it is clear that they are not. These are people with two different ideologies and life experiences but David is unable to grasp that bringing us back to “Chapter 12” and his inability to understand what love is. His inability to separate the two Syds is also complicating his life as he has made a promise to present day Syd that nothing would happen with Future Syd (#selfjealousy) and then immediately broke it.

Legion "Chapter 15" Review- Cracking Some Eggs
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David’s, seemingly, final visit with Future Syd came across as him solidifying her future. Declaring that he didn’t think he could work with Farouk because of what he did to Amy, and wondering if Future Syd knew, David was kind of left in this limbo where he didn’t know what to do. He wants to help Future Syd but at what cost to him. Plus there’s the whole attraction thing complicating his life, and he means to say goodbye, and Future Syd allows him to but not without a kiss first. This might have been my favorite scene of the night as we now know what Future Syd is feeling when she sees David, the longing for what was and the fear of what is, and it was interesting seeing the two communicate with David so obviously in the dark. Who knows what else happens but I got the distinct feeling that Future Syd was heavily alluding to the fact that David was the monster she was afraid of and David just wasn’t catching on. You have to wonder what it’s going to do to his mindset when he discovers that he becomes the villain. That it’s him causing harm to Future Syd. I’m sure he’ll handle it rationally. I’m willing to believe that could be the event that starts the whole thing in motion. David trying to fight becoming a monster causes him to become a monster.

Elsewhere, Division III continues to be the worst secret government facility as they are under attack yet again. While it may be hard to trust these guys, I’m finding it more difficult to find them as a true threat. That’s three attacks this season. Get it together Division III! The majority of the Summerland people, lead by Ptonomy, were consumed with insanity, represented by that black inky insect, and lead an attack on the Vermillion and Admiral Fukuyama who turns out is just a dude with a basket on his head. Right as the group is set to destroy the super vulnerable Fukuyama, David arrives ridding them all of insanity and saving the Admiral. Unfortunately, since insanity was festering in Ptonomy all season, it sheds itself of his body to battle David one on one. David is able to defeat the creature, not before he tries to rationalize with it in the episodes funniest scene, it does come at a cost. Ptonomy is dying, happens when creatures burst from your body, and the Vermillion drag him into the woods to plug him into a tree to keep him alive. Seriously. It now appears that Ptonomy is trapped inside a mainframe and I have zero clue if this means he’s alive or not.

There you have it Geeklings, this is all the happenings on last nights Legion. The plot has certainly picked up and I fully expect things to start picking up speed as we head towards the finale. Can David stay away from Future Syd? What will happen when he discovers he’s the monster? Is there really an alliance between Future Syd and Farouk? Can Division III recover from all these attacks? What’s the deal with Ptonomy? Sound off in the comments below. As always, if you’d like to talk more Legion with me you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. See everyone next week. Careful navigating your mazes and question everything!


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