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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘No Country for Old Dads’

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘No Country for Old Dads’

Ray is the in the clutches of the Darhks, but the Legends don’t really notice he’s gone until Gary contacts the Waverider, saying they found a Palmer phone. Ray tells them that he has been kidnapped and not to look for him. Before the Legends can figure out their next move, Rip and Wally appear on the Waverider. He says that they are here to help take on Mallus. Amaya suggests tracking down her totem to figure out where Ray is. She and Zari will meditate into the spirit world to do so. Wally says he’s been studying meditation and can help.

'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap 'No Country for Old Dads'
Image: The CW

Meanwhile, the Darhks want Ray’s help in fixing the fire totem, which was broken. He says that the only way to do so is through an incredible power source, like the big bang. Damien suggests cold fusion, saying a German scientist cracked the code in the 60s. Ray says if that had happened, he would know about it. Damien replies that the reason the secret never got out is because Vogel was assassinated. Damien should know, he’s the one who killed him.

Nora and Ray travel back to East Berlin in 1962 to save Vogel’s life, but the mission goes wrong when the scientist takes the time to grab a doll before leaving. 60s Damien arrives on the scene, murdering all of the agents protecting Vogel. Nora and Ray are about to time jump out of there when Damien shoots their stone, trapping them in 1962. Ray comes up with Plan B, and the three of them make their escape.

Nora is having problems with her magical powers since Ray saved her life, but she also cannot use Amaya’s totem. Earlier, Kuasa said that the reason it won’t work for Nora is because she’s too focused on the power it’ll provide. So without Nora’s abilities and Ray’s suit, they’re in deep trouble. Ray suggests trying to get over the border. Once they are, Vogel agrees to giving them the secret to cold fusion.

Back in 2017, Damien is wondering what is taking them so long. He decides to go and see for himself. When he arrives at Vogel’s apartment, he finds it in shambles. Damien tracks them to the border patrol where they were actually about to get through, but Damien kills all the soldiers around in order to get to Nora.

Once they’re back in hiding, Nora is angry with her father for coming to her rescue. She doesn’t want Damien to treat her like a little girl anymore. They almost had what they needed, but Damien had to go and ruin everything. She storms away, only to be kidnapped by the 60s Damien. He wants to make an exchange, Nora for Vogel.

The two Damiens meet on a rooftop where the 60s one shoots Vogel and throws Nora off the roof. Damien uses his magic to stop Nora’s descent, but his younger version fires on him. A battle ensues, but Damien is so focused on saving Nora that he can’t fully protect himself. Nora tells her father to let her go. She’ll be okay. Damien does so and Nora is able to activate the totem. Together, she and her dad beat up 60s Damien.

'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap 'No Country for Old Dads'
Image: The CW

Aboard the Waverider, Amaya and Zari travel to the spirit world, but it is much different than the last time Amaya visited. It is dark and the trees are dead. Amaya’s ancestor is still there and she tells the two that the totem is being corrupted. She’s been resisting the darkness, but soon, she will fail. The woman reveals that the totem bearers were the ones who locked Mallus away and the more broken time becomes, the weaker his cell gets as he was locked in a timeless zone. But when they’re talking to her is when Nora gains control of the totem. The woman disappears and Amaya and Mari are forced out.

Ray was left tied up while Damien went to get Nora back, but his suit was left lying on a table. Ray manages to activate it and get himself free. He shows up on the rooftop to save Vogel. The scientist reveals that he kept the secret to cold fusion in the doll, handing it to Ray. He dies. Nora asks Ray to hand over the formula, but he won’t do it. She knows he won’t attack her, but Ray has another plan. He fires his proton cannon at the Berlin Wall, creating an anachronism. The Legends now know where Ray is. Wally speeds in, grabs Ray and the fire totem, and speeds off.

After learning the truth about the totems and the Darhks’ plan, Sara, Rip, and Ava call Director Bennett to report their findings, but before they can do so, Bennett is killed by Gorilla Grodd. This means that Ava is now the director of the Time Bureau. Her first act is to reinstate Rip, since they’re going to need all the help they can get. Ava and Rip return to the Bureau, but before going, Rip asks Gideon to delete a file which includes information about Ava he doesn’t want Sara to find out.

Damien and Nora make amends with each other, Damien apologizing for sending his daughter into the clutches of a demon. Nora says that she was glad he did so they could be together once more. Damien steps away for a moment and Nora is suddenly attacked from within by Mallus. He is growing stronger.

This episode revealed why Damien has been going through time creating anachronisms. By doing so, they will be able to free Mallus. We also learned that it was the totem bearers who locked him away, which is why he fears them. The Legends are going to have to act fast in order to get all the totems in their possession if they’re going to stop the demon.

'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap 'No Country for Old Dads'
Image: The CW

Wally is now officially a member of the Legends. He was a little wary about staying aboard because he made some bad first impressions, but Sara tells him that they all came across that way. They’re a band of misfits and he will fit in just fine. I can’t wait to see him more integrated with the team in the coming weeks.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Amazing Grace.’