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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Amazing Grace’

Published on March 13th, 2018 | Updated on March 13th, 2018 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Amazing Grace’

The Legends are trying to figure out which anachronism to clean up when a solution is presented to them. “Guitar Hero” has become “Trombone Hero,” Nate’s hair product ceases to exist, and Mick’s rat’s name changes. Rock and roll is in danger, and the Legends assume that the Darhks are behind it.

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Memphis, 1954, a young Elvis Presley buys a guitar that is claimed to be haunted. The Legends sit in on a church service led by Elvis’ uncle and then the boy gets up on stage to play a song. Near the end, Zari’s totem is triggered and she floats through the air as if possessed. It’s then that she notices a gem set into the guitar. Elvis Presley is a totem bearer.

Back on the Waverider, the team is trying to figure out what to do next when Wally runs off and steals Elvis’ guitar. Problem solved, but Nate can’t just let rock and roll die. Unless they do something, Elvis’ music won’t be heard and rock and rock doesn’t make it out of Memphis. They have Gideon craft an identical guitar, then Nate and Amaya take it back to Elvis. But when Elvis tries to play, he can’t seem to play any music. Elvis feels discouraged because he can’t feel the presence of his dead brother anymore. On the ship, Sara and Ray discover which totem they’re dealing with: The Death Totem.

Now that they know the true power of the totem, they definitely don’t want to let it out of their sight, but again, Nate is insistent on saving rock. Sara allows him to take the real guitar back to Elvis to record one song. He does and they’re about to put it on the radio when Elvis’ uncle interferes, claiming rock to be the devil’s music. He has the sheriff lock Elvis, Nate, and Amaya up, hoping the jailhouse will “rock” some sense into them. He then takes the recording. Nate calls to the Waverider and begs them to get the record to the radio station.

Image: The CW

Zari and Wally, who have been butting heads throughout the episode because Wally just zooms around doing everything, head to the church. Wally says it would be faster for him to just speed in there and steal it, but Zari says time is delicate. Sometimes, you have to talk your way out of a situation, connect with the people. Needless to say, Elvis’ uncle isn’t happy to see them. Wally takes Zari’s advice and talks with the reverend. The reverend is worried that he is losing Elvis to the music, which Wally understands as his own father felt the same about him heading out on his own. Wally says that they will always have a connection, and that the music will actually help strengthen that. The reverend hands over the recording and Wally speeds it to the radio station.

But their problems aren’t over. Because the song was recorded using the Death Totem, the spirits of the dead are raised and start flying around town. Zari and Wally protect the church. In jail, Elvis, Nate, and Amaya go free because the officers are scared. They are confronted by a spirit and Elvis commands it to stand down. He says that the spirits aren’t dangerous, they just want to be acknowledged. The three of them head to the church. Once there, Elvis plays Amazing Grace, putting the spirits to rest. Lastly, Elvis says goodbye to his brother. Crisis averted and rock and roll is alive and well.

Elvis thanks Nate for all his help and gives him the totem. He says that his brother will always be with him, plus he doesn’t want to accidently raise the dead again. With the Death Totem in hand, the team celebrates their victory over the Darhks. Ray has created lock boxes for each totem, so they put it away because it’s incredibly powerful. Unfortunately, the lock box may not be enough to keep its powers at bay as the final scene of the episode shows the box rattling uncontrollably.

This week featured Wally’s first mission with the team. Though it’s nice to have a speedster who can quickly take care of problems, Zari was right that issues sometimes need a little finesse. They kinda got off on the wrong foot last week, and then Wally just dug that hole deeper by annoying Zari with his zooming antics, but they bonded during the episode. It was nice to see the newbies connect and then take on the spirits like they were playing Pac-man (since Wally unfairly obliterated all Zari’s high scores).

The Death Totem is in the Legends possession, so now they have four and the Darhks have two. Amaya really wants her totem back, which is now being used by Nora. I’m guessing that next episode we’ll have a showdown with the Darhks as I can’t imagine all the totems staying in the Legends’ hands.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Necromancing the Stone.’


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