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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Necromancing the Stone’

Published on March 20th, 2018 | Updated on March 20th, 2018 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Necromancing the Stone’

Last week, the Legends came into possession of the Death Totem, which gave Elvis the ability to raise the dead. Ray created lock boxes for each of the totems to keep them safe, but it is too powerful. It calls to Sara. In order to stop the noise, Sara unlocks the Death Totem and it takes over her. Unfortunately, Sara doesn’t just become death. Since a part of her is tied to Mallus, the evil demon takes over and starts wreaking havoc on the Waverider.

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Ray is busy trying to repair the Fire Totem when Sara destroys the lab and seriously hurts him. When the others return from their mission, they find him barely alive and the Gideon partially offline. The first to run into the newly evil Sara are Amaya and Mick, who are no match for the former assassin. Sara breaks Amaya’s leg and is about to kill her when Wally speeds them away. The crew is in the med bay when Sara completely disables Gideon.

Wally has the idea to run in, tie Sara up, then run out, but it doesn’t go according to plan. He arrives on the bridge to see Jesse standing there. Wally knows that she is an apparition, having spent some quality time trapped in one in the Speed Force, and tells Jesse that he’s glad she broke his heart. She no longer has any power over him. He won’t hurt because of her anymore. Except she still can. Jesse shoots Wally with one of the anti-speedster guns from Rip’s arsenal, changing back into Sara. Wally is knocked unconscious.

Zari goes to the jump ship, knowing a way to undock it from the Waverider so they can all escape. Sara appears in the form of Zari’s brother, who pleads with her to stop. Zari doesn’t listen, breaking the coupling device. Sara then attacks her. When Zari uses her totem, she stands a bit of a chance against her captain, but Sara eventually overpowers her. Zari is left unconscious.

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Ava appears to Sara, who completely ignores her. Ava then appears in the med bay to talk to the others, asking what is wrong with her. They tell her that Sara has succumbed to the Death Totem and Mallus and that they need John Constantine in order to save her (much to Ava’s annoyance since she just found out he and Sara hooked up). Ava and Gary search for John, who is in the middle of a ceremony with a chicken. Ava tells him that Sara needs his help as she has fallen under the influence of Mallus. They can’t jump aboard the Waverider because it’s lost in the temporal zone. John comes up with a plan to go into the spirit world to talk to Sara and Ava insists on going with him. When they appear, Mallus speaks to them, saying that Sara is beyond their help. They’re kicked out of the spirit world. That’s when Gary has the brilliant idea of tracking the Death Totem itself to locate the Legends (by recounting his most recent game of Dungeons and Dragons).

Only three Legends remain and Amaya has the idea that the totems can be used against Sara. Nate goes after the Earth Totem while Mick and Amaya search for Zari. After grabbing the totem, Nate is on the run from Sara, and doesn’t have a chance to put it on. Sara takes the form of Nate’s grandfather, Henry, and accosts Nate for letting him die. He then starts beating Nate up, saying that he is not worthy of Amaya’s love. He is nothing. Its then that John, Ava, and Gary appear on the Waverider.

Sara speaks to John in the voice of Astra, the young girl he was unable to save. She says that if he allows Mallus to have Sara, Astra can be saved. A life for a life. John refuses the offer, trying to his best to exorcise Sara. Mallus is too powerful and starts strangling John.

Amaya and Mick are the only two left and their last hope is for Mick to wield the Fire Totem. He is afraid to, saying that his heart isn’t pure, so it could consume him. Mick says Sara is the best of them and look what happened to her. Amaya believes in Mick, saying he can do it. Mick puts the totem on and is filled with fire. When he activates its power, it registers with Sara. She releases John, heading for Mick and Amaya. Sara and Mick clash, but Mick actually manages to knock her down with a well-timed fire blast. John, Ava, and Gary arrive on the scene, Ava going to Sara and begging her to come back.

While trapped in the spirit world, Sara was able to hear her friends calling out to her, but was unable to do anything about it. She is joined by Nora, who asks Sara to give in to the pain. If Sara accepts her past and who she really is, she could live free of regret and join the Darhks. Sara is forced to watch her time as an assassin. She murders a man without knowing that his daughter it home. The girl then watches her father die. Sara then hears Ava calling out to her and feels the Death Totem being removed. This gives her the strength to deny Nora. She doesn’t want to live without the pain. Sara will never turn to the dark side.

Sara comes back to the real world. She thanks them for saving her, but is incredibly ashamed of what happened. Sara apologizes to the team, knowing that the words can never be enough to make up for the hurt she caused. They understand. John and Sara have a talk later on in which John says this is why he prefers to work alone. Attachment just makes things harder. However, it’s the people that she loves and who love her that saved her from Mallus. Sara makes the decision to end things with Ava, saying that she can’t bring her into all this. She is the happiest she’s ever been, but that means it will only make things harder if something were to happen.

This was a really fantastic episode and it was cool to see the Sara’s of the past. The totem first spoke to Sara in the form of Canary and then we got to see League of Assassin Sara in action. The Death Totem is incredibly powerful and harnesses people’s fears in order to gain an advantage over them. We learned this week that the tribe who protected the Death Totem were erased from the Zambesi records because they protected Mallus from the others. That’s why he was able to take over Sara when she put it on. The two share a connection.

Mick is now the bearer of the Fire Totem and I can’t wait to see what happens with that. He didn’t really give into the power. He was more in awe of the flames than anything else. Nate almost became the bearer of the Earth Totem, but he never got the chance to put it on. The Legends are going to need all of them to fight Mallus, so we can probably expect Nate and Sara to wield the totems in the future.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘I, Ava.’


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