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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Here I Go Again’

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Here I Go Again’

Zari is tasked with running routine maintenance on the Waverider while the others clean up an anachronism, but she didn’t do as she was ordered. Instead, she was trying to build a simulator that could help her find loop holes in time that the team can exploit. Sara is incredibly angry with Zari for not doing as she was told and trying to find ways to mess with time. Their argument escalates with Zari just about ready to walk away from the Legends. She goes down to fix the Waverider, but is hit with some time goo. Then, the ship explodes.

'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap 'Here I Go Again'
Image: The CW

The Waverider is stuck in a time loop and Zari is the only one who realizes what is going on. She tries to tell the others the truth, but Sara determines that she’s crazy. The ship explodes, and Zari’s at it again. After a while, Zari is able to recruit Nate to her cause. Zari believes that there is a bomb on the ship and someone is intentionally setting it off. They start investigating each member of the team. Nobody is harboring a bomb, but they’re all keeping secrets from one another. Mick is writing a steamy sci-fi erotica, Nate and Amaya have given into their feelings once again, Ray was tasked with killing Sara if she ever gives in to Mallus, and Sara is sneaking aboard the jump ship to have private conversations with Ava. Sara also confesses to being hard on Zari because if she gives into finding loop holes, she’ll start looking for ways to save Laurel again. With the team cleared of suspicions, Zari doesn’t know what to do to stop the time loop.

She decides that maybe the best solution is to try and get help from all of them again. After a tear-filled confession about all of the cycles she’s lived, Sara finally believes her. Zari recounts every location she’s looked, and struck out, but there’s one place she didn’t even know existed: The trash compactor. And who is inside? Gary. Mick drags him out, takes the weird device in his hand, and thinking it’s a bomb, smashes it. Unfortunately, that device is what was keeping them in the time loop. Gary says that he picked up on the Waverider exploding, jumped aboard the ship, and stuck them in a loop until they could figure out where the bomb was. Now, they have five minutes to find the bomb before they die for real. They determine that the bomb must’ve come aboard with the Legends after their latest trip, and there was only one thing that came with them.

The bomb was planted inside a tape deck, which none of them ever wanted to look at again because the song kept getting stuck in their heads. They only have a little bit of time to disarm it and nobody knows how to do so. Zari takes the bomb and “locks” herself in the captain’s study. The others tell her that the blast won’t be contained by the field, but she says that they’ll at least all survive. Zari admits that they are her family now and she finally understands her place on the team. She tells each of them to follow their hearts, whether in love or their writing ventures. As the bomb reaches zero, Zari surrounds herself in wind to try and further contain the blast.

'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap 'Here I Go Again'
Image: The CW

But nothing happens. Zari is standing alone on the brig. She is soon joined by the personification of Gideon. Gideon tells Zari that she is actually in the med bay, healing from when she got hit in the face with the time goo. While she was recovering, Gideon then uploaded Zari’s subconscious into her simulator as a test. Gideon found while researching time that the only way to save Zari’s brother is with the help of the Legends. The time loop was orchestrated by Gideon to help Zari realize what the team means to her so that she doesn’t leave. They need each other. With that, Gideon restores Zari’s subconscious and she wakes up.

Zari meets with each member of the team, telling them a version of what she said as her last words. The first thing she does is have Ray tell Sara what Rip told him. Sara agrees that if Mallus ever does take control, that the team should kill her. Hopefully, it’ll never come to that. Zari then apologizes to Sara for being so stubborn with her. She never realized how difficult the concept of loop holes was on her. Zari tells Sara to ask Ava out. Next, she offers some advice to Mick about the end of his novel, telling him it’s really good, but the ending needs a rewrite. To Nate and Amaya, she tells them not to hold back. And now, everything is back to normal. For the time being, anyway.

The final scene of the episode is Rip arriving at monastery where he finds Wally West. He introduces himself then asks for Wally’s help in saving the universe.

This was a fun episode with a bunch of laughs and heartfelt moments. It was great to see Zari at the forefront. Her and Nate actually have a really good friendship, which we haven’t seen at all. It will be interesting to see how things progress now that everyone is on the same page with each other. And just in time for a new team member to be introduced. I can’t wait for Wally to come aboard and interact with everyone.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘The Curse of the Earth Totem.’

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