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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Daddy Darhkest’

Published on February 13th, 2018 | Updated on February 13th, 2018 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Daddy Darhkest’

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The episode begins with Constantine breaking into an asylum in Star City in order to perform an exorcism on a patient named Emily, but she’s a tough one who Constantine can’t seem to crack. What’s even more strange is that the demon possessing Emily knows the name Sara Lance. John tracks down the Legends and asks how they’ve gotten tangled up with a powerful demon. Sara tells John about Mallus and how she was recently pulled into the spirit world. John thanks then for their help and tries to leave, but Sara insists on going along for the exorcism.

John, Sara, Leo, Amaya, and Nate enter the asylum, but Amaya and Nate get sidetracked when Kuasa appears. The other three are about to start the exorcism on Emily when Zari informs them that her real name is Nora Darhk. John starts the exorcism, but again, Mallus is too powerful. Nora draws a symbol on the floor, and the three are transported to 1969.

Meanwhile, Nate uses Leo’s cold gun to freeze over Kuasa. Amaya isn’t too happy with his decision to do so, but Nate says Kuasa was going to kill her. They take Kuasa back to the ship. Once she thaws out, she and Amaya talk. Kuasa reveals what happened when the men destroyed the village, despite Amaya’s insistence that she stop. On that day, Amaya will be killed by the war lord and Kuasa will be abandoned by her mother and sister. Amaya explains that they just thought Kuasa was dead. Amaya opens the cell, and walks inside as she tells Kuasa about their ancestor who visited her earlier this season. The woman’s message was to protect the new totem bearer and Amaya assumed the woman was referring to Zari. But now she thinks she meant Kuasa. Amaya wants to help her, but that’s when Nate appears on the scene with the cold gun. Kuasa attacks him. Amaya grabs the fallen gun and turns it on Kuasa, who is about to kill Nate, but can’t pull the trigger. She lays down the gun saying that with Nate’s help, they can save her. Kuasa releases Nate and disappears.

Ray and Zari infiltrate the asylum to search for their missing teammates and decide that breaking out Nora is their best bet at finding them. They take her to CC Jitters where Zari recounts her own experiences of being locked up. They are having a good time and Nora is starting to relax around them when a news report comes on talking about Oliver Queen being the Green Arrow. It then shows a clip of Green Arrow murdering Damien Darhk. Nora loses control. Mallus takes over and starts destroying the coffee shop.

In 1969, Sara, John, and Leo are trying to figure out how to get a message to the Legends about where they went. Leo is tasked with putting a note behind a painting that is still hanging in 2017 while Sara and John have a conversation. Unfortunately, he’s caught. Sara has started hearing Mallus. John tells her that she is in danger of being possessed. She starts losing control and doesn’t believe that she can withstand the demons this time. John conjures a card for her showing the white and black canary, reminding Sara just how strong she is. After a quick hook-up between the two, they go to Leo’s rescue. It’s now time for Plan B and it’s an incredibly risky one. Sara will allow herself to be possessed so that she can draw the same symbol that got them there. John agrees to the process.

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Sara is once more transported to the spirit world place and starts drawing the symbol, but then she hears screaming in the distance. She follows the source of the noise and comes across Nora (who is currently fighting Ray and Zari). Sara tells her that she is strong and has the power to fend off Mallus. Nora fights back and wins, and just in time too as she was about to kill Zari. After Nora regains control, the doors to CC Jitter opens and Damien appears with the asylum doctor. They tell her that she has to come back because they need to strengthen her powers to one day bring Damien back to life. They say that the Order needs her. Nora goes with them. Back in the spirit world, Sara resumes drawing the symbol, but Mallus is coming for her. The circle is completed and the three are transported back to 2017.

On the Waverider, Zari and Ray give their account of events and the team learns that Mallus fears the totems. During their fight, Zari touched Nora, to which she recoiled. Nora called her one of the six. But Amaya says there are only five totems. So now the Legends must track down the other totems as well as figure out what the sixth is. That’s when John takes his leave. He asks Ray to come along for a moment. Ray was working on a magic-suppressing gun thing and John asks him to continue working on it. Ray says that the totems can stop Mallus, and John admits to his transgressions about Sara. He knows that she is strong, but it’s only a matter of time before Sara succumbs once more. They might need something close at hand to subdue her.

John isn’t the only one to take his leave as Leo announces his departure. He thanks Mick for being a good friend to him. Leo must go back to his own world where he can be with the one he loves. He even intends to propose to Ray. Sara takes some cues about letting go and following your heart and is going to invite Ava aboard the ship when Ava delivers some bad news. Rip has escaped from his prison and they have no idea where he is.

Man, there was a lot packed into this episode. We got a whole bunch of answers this week and the episode really shaped up the back half of the season. First, there’s the totems. The Legends are in possession of two and Amaya was working on bringing Kuasa over to their side. The other two totems, earth and fire, are who knows where, so the Legends will probably be after them shortly. The question becomes, what is this mysterious sixth totem?

Mallus is growing stronger and he now has a direct line to Sara. He has talked the past two episodes about finally revealing his true face to them. Could his endgame be to completely take over Sara? Could Sara also tie into being the sixth totem since she was risen by the Lazarus Pit? When Kuasa’s totem was destroyed, she became the embodiment of water, so could Sara be the embodiment of life and death since the Pit was destroyed moments after it was used on her? That would explain why Mallus wants her so bad. But also, who is this Order that Damien and the asylum doctor talked about?

Overall, this was a really fantastic episode with a lot of heart and humor. I can’t wait to see what’s in store as we barrel toward the season finale.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Here I Go Again.’

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