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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘The Curse of the Earth Totem’

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Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘The Curse of the Earth Totem’

The Legends are in search of the other three Totems now that they know Mallus fears the union of the six. Amaya is struggling with what to do about Kuasa, thinking that maybe she should change history and give her granddaughter a better life. This would unfortunately take away everything that Mari has worked so hard for. But Amaya also knows that she can’t change the past. The boys goes to Chicago to find the Fire Totem, which is in the possession of Adam Macalester, but unfortunately, Damien got to him first. Nate then says that he knows the location of the Earth Totem. They’ll need to travel to 1717 and track down Blackbeard. Sara is preoccupied with her first date with Ava, so the team time travels without her knowledge.

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While at a bar in Nassau, the boys weave the tale of the Dread Pirate Jiwe. This brings out Blackbeard. Nate and Ray return to the Waverider while Amaya and Mick deal with the pirate captain. Aboard the ship, things are bad. They landed in the Bermuda Triangle, which is causing all sorts of malfunctions that Zari can’t fix. The only solution is to time travel away from 1717, but they don’t want to leave Mick and Amaya behind.

Blackbeard denies having ever come across a green gem, but Amaya knows that she’s lying. Before she can get the information out of him, Damien and Nora crash the scene as members of the Queen’s Navy. Damien takes Amaya’s totem, then she, Mick, and Blackbeard are to be executed. While Amaya saves the others from getting decapitated, Damien heads to a fort and opens fire on the Waverider. They are forced to time jump.

Meanwhile, Rip is busy trying to recruit Wally to his cause. The two end up getting drunk together and share their problems. Rip needs a couple things from Wally, who is happy to oblige. First, they steal Gary’s time jumper and phone. Then, Wally retrieves Rip’s coat from the Time Bureau. With these two things, they head to 1992 Tokyo to close out the night with some karaoke. In the morning, Rip once more asks Wally for his assistance in saving the world. He knows a place where misfits come together to become legends.

Sara and Ava’s date is interrupted by Gary, who takes Ava away with news of Rip’s return, and the Waverider crash landing, which Sara sees. Sara dashes without an explanation. Aboard the Waverider, Sara is incredibly angry with the team for traveling to 1717 without her knowledge. Before they can come up with a new plan, Ava appears on the ship to verbally accost Sara for ditching her. Sara says that Ava was about to do the same thing. While they’re arguing, Nate and Ray use one of the Bureau’s watches to open a portal to 1717 to save Amaya and Mick.

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The race is now on to reach the Earth Totem as Blackbeard told Damien where it was. But he didn’t reveal that his lover, Anne, put on the totem and was possessed by an earth spirit. He killed her and buried her body with the treasure. But Blackbeard knows that that isn’t enough to stop her. He’s right. When Damien’s men unearth her body, she comes back to life, attacking them. Amaya, Mick, and Blackbeard appear on the scene. Amaya tries to talk to her, saying that she doesn’t have to give into the fear. Anne can fight back and gain control of the totem. But Damien regains consciousness and kills Anne. Nora then appears and tries to kill Amaya. That’s when Nate and Ray make their appearance. Ray shoots Nora with his new demon gun. They then make their escape with the Earth Totem.

Back on the Waverider, Sara and Ava have worked through their issues and decide that their life will never be normal and to not expect that. But in the end, it’s actually the unexpected and craziness that they like about each other. Amaya takes some advice from Mick and the pirates to live in the moment. She allows herself to be with Nate. Zari is busy trying to repair Gideon, so it’s just Mick and Ray left. Mick brings Ray a beer as he’s working the lab. Ray feels guilty for shooting Nora, saying that it’s going to kill her. He knew her when she was a kid and thinks that there is a way to save her from Mallus.

With a cure in hand, Ray returns to 1717 to save her life. In exchange for the cure, Ray demands Amaya’s totem back. Damien willingly gives it up, saying Nora is all that matters to him. Ray saves her. Nora turns on him, trying to kill him, but Damien calls her off. He thinks that they might have a use for Ray.

This was an action-packed episode with a whole lot of character development. It was nice to see Amaya be the captain for a little bit. She has quite a knack for it. The totems sure changed hands this episode. Five are accounted for, but unfortunately, the Legends only have two in their possession. Amaya can still kick some butt without hers, but it will be interesting to see how she deals with it being gone. The Legends still have no idea what the sixth totem is, Amaya admitting to never hearing of such a thing.

Ray is such a kind soul. I was wondering if we were going to see the toll it would take on him for killing someone, but he is just too good to let that happen. He should’ve at least taken Mick as backup. The Darhks would never let him get away that easy. Next week will be interesting having him away from the team and with them. There did seem to be a connection between him and Nora for a moment before she tried to kill him. But maybe Nora was just playing that up (it’s funny because they Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford are married in real life). It will be fun to see more of their interaction in the coming episode.

Next week, it’s off to 1960’s Germany in the episode entitled ‘No Country for Old Dads.’

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