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Kevin Feige Gives an ‘Avengers 4’ Status Update

Ant-Man and the Wasp is officially in theaters and Captain Marvel just wrapped filming, which means that we are getting closer and closer to Avengers 4the highly-anticipated follow-up to Avengers: Infinity War. We know that the movie was filmed in succession with Infinity War, but aside from little nuggets here and there, Avengers 4 has remained a total mystery.  Well, Marvel’s favorite spokesman Kevin Feige recently got with Birth.Movies.Death and revealed just where they’re at in the production process for the film.

[row]”We’re just starting the edit. The brothers [directors Joe and Anthony Russo] have worked on their cut, and we’ve been together in the editing room for a couple weeks now, so it’s very early days. But it’s much earlier than usual, right? Usually, we’re still filming. Captain Marvel comes out in March, while this one comes out in May and we’re already starting. It’s fun to get a jump, it’s good having already shot the majority of the movie. So we’re just getting into our traditional editorial process now.”[/row]

By starting the editing process so early, the Marvel team has even more power and time than usual to create the perfect film, which I think the entire fandom is expecting the movie to be.

[row]”Avengers 4 has much more time; Ragnarok had much more time and we did a lot. You always fill the time you have. Either you have a lot of time and it really motivates you to think things through, or you have no time, and it really motivates you to think things through!”[/row]

While we wish that Avengers 4 was coming out sooner rather than later, having movies like Ant-Man and the Wasp and the upcoming Captain Marvel add even more meat and plots to the events that happened in Infinity War, is a great bonus. Plus, now that they’re getting a head start on the editing process, hopefully, that means we’ll be getting a trailer sooner rather than later!

Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson is flying into theaters March 8, 2019, with Avengers 4 not too far behind on May 3.