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‘Avengers 4’: Here’s When We Get to Stop Calling It That

Published on June 26th, 2018 | Updated on June 26th, 2018 | By FanFest

Marvel loves to take their time when it comes to a title unveiling. They only recently revealed that the title for Spider-Man: Homecoming’s sequel would be called Far From Home just two weeks ahead of filming and have been extremely tight-lipped about the Avengers 4 title even though the film was first announced 2014. So, just when can we all stop using Avengers 4 and start using its official title?

“That’ll be after the Captain Marvel teaser probably, announcing that title. It’ll be towards the end of the year with however we launch that film,” Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige told Collider.

So, it looks like Marvel is putting their focus on Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel for the time being before heading back into Avengers territory. Captain Marvel, who did get a shout-out in the Infinity War post-credits, hits theaters two months before Avengers 4, which gives Marvel plenty of time and opportunity to work on their marketing strategy. So, based on Feige’s comments we will most likely be looking at a fall teaser for Captain Marvel followed by the Avengers 4’s title.

Marvel Studios

Infinity War’s first trailer premiered on  November 29th, 2017 so we should definitely have the Avengers 4 title around then and it’s very possible that there could be a teaser for the highly-anticipated follow late this year as well. Either way, it’s all part of Marvel and the Russo brother’s plan to give people enough time to really let the events of Infinity War sink in.

‘It’s going to be quite a long while before people see that title. We need people to see this movie, digest this movie, and then we can tell them what the next story is they’re going to see,’ Director Joe Russo told Yahoo earlier this year.

One thing that’s for sure is that nothing will be coming out of Marvel at San Diego Comic-Con this year as they will not be hosting a panel, most likely due to the fact that it would be impossible to not give away spoilers heading into the final stages of MCU’s Phase Three.

“We’re not going to Hall H this year. It will be an off year… which is what we did after Avengers 1 and what we’ve done every few years. There will be a tenth anniversary presence at Comic-Con but [no Hall H panel.],” Feige told Collider.

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 2019 followed promptly by Avengers 4 in May and Spider-Man: Far From Home in July!


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