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Kane Hodder speaks to the horrors of Bullying in Documentary ‘To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story’

You may know him for his iconic role as that of Jason Voorhees in the infamous Friday the 13th series, but there is so many more layers to stuntman and actor Kane Hodder.

For those who do not know, Kane Hodder overcame an extremely difficult childhood in regards to bullying and a fire stunt that went terribly wrong. Recently, he shared his extremely uplifting store in his detailed documentary; To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story. The film not only contains stories from Kane Hodder’s life, but it also includes interviews with Bruce Campbell, Robert Englund, Cassandra Peterson and Hatchet director Adam Green.

The film has been acquired by Dread Central Presents, and is aiming for a release this summer.

“I hope his story continues to inspire its viewers, and I cannot wait to get this labor of love in front of audiences worldwide,” says the documentary’s director, Derek Dennis Herbert. “Kane’s story resonates with people because it is a human interest story over anything else. Don’t get me wrong — horror fans will love it, but anyone who likes a phenomenal story of strength will be cheering by the end.”

“It was always important for me from the start to curate a diverse slate for Dread Central Presents,” says the label’s director of distribution, Rob Galluzzo. “The film that Derek made about Kane’s life is terrific, emotional, and incredibly moving. We’re so, so thrilled to help get it out into the world, and give it the release it deserves.”

We are definitely looking forward to this documentary!

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