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Jon Bernthal Looks Intense in First Official Photo From ‘The Punisher’

When Jon Bernthal took on the role of Frank Castle in 2016’s Daredevil, he brought new life to The Punisher. Bernthal stole the show and many wondered when his portrayal of Castle would be shown on-screen again. The truth is, those behind the scenes loved the role as much as fans across the world did, and the wait for more is nearly over.

Just days ago, Netflix released the first official teaser for The Punisher – set to release in 2017 – and now, the first full-size image has been shown and it is intense.

Jon Bernthal Looks Intense in First Official Photo From 'The Punisher'
Marvel’s The Punisher

The photo shows Bernthal in costume, staring into the camera with intent. That same intent is what will drive his character through the series as he sets out on a path of revenge. Bernthal is wearing the bulletproof vest with a skull on the front and it’s a menacing get up, even by itself.

Everything about The Punisher’s persona is meant to scare those that encounter him. He’s not a man who’s bad side you’d wish to be on, and if you do end up there, he stops at nothing to make sure you know the exact reason why. What he’s gone through isn’t fair, and while life never really is, he didn’t give life a chance to win. He took the game into his own hands, he’s the key player now.

The series will give The Punisher the spotlight the character deserves and with Bernthal’s dedication to the role, we know it’ll be worth the wait.

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