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Jeffrey Dean Morgan HATED Saying That Glenn Line!

Published on August 27th, 2021 | Updated on September 6th, 2021 | By FanFest

Have you watched the season 11 premiere of The Walking Dead? If not, you really should. It was peak The Walking Dead, with some really awesome stuff. Negan was awesome, for example. Or at least he was until he brought Glenn up, which was just uncalled for. Fans feel the same way, obviously, since they went crazy on social media after it happened. Turns out Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn’t want Negan to bring Glenn up. I guess he lost that argument.

So, you’ll all remember what happened to Glenn, right? He was forced to kneel and after an unfortunate punch by Daryl, he was killed in retaliation. Well, he wasn’t so much killed as he was absolutely freaking destroyed.

Negan brought Lucille crashing down on his skull… again, and again, and again, and again. Pretty soon there was nothing of Glenn left, except a pile of blood and brain and skull fragments. This was traumatic for all of our favorite characters, but none more so than Maggie, Glenn’s wife.

She still isn’t over it, understandable, and admits to wanting to kill Negan. In fact, several people are actually on board with killing Negan, but she refrains. But then Negan starts saying he’s done with their mission, and Maggie is out of line. He brought up some really interesting points… but then he brought Glenn up and that was the end of that. Any goodwill fans had for Negan disappeared in an instant.

It was while speaking with Entertainment Weekly that Morgan admitted to trying to have the line cut. “I tried to nix the line completely. I didn’t think it was necessary. And I thought for sure they would let me change it.”  he said, before continuing “And so I filmed it three or four different ways. I tried everything else. I said ‘your husband’ and other stuff. But ultimately, it was like, ‘Well, let’s just try the f**king Glenn line’, and then of course, when I saw the cut, I was like, ‘Oh, f**kers!’ [Laughs] They had to put it in.”

He went on to explain he did at least understand why the line was written the way it was, “I always have said that regardless of what Negan does that is good, there is still that Negan inside of him. “And at this point in the story… Negan is the voice of reason suddenly. And had he not said that Glenn line, the whole audience would’ve gone, ‘He’s right! He’s f**king right!’ The minute I say that Glenn line, 50% of them, I lose immediately. It doesn’t matter if he’s right.”

If you want to see what happens after that, and after the cliffhanger of the premiere, you can catch the second episode of The Walking Dead this Sunday on AMC! In the meantime, let us know if you think Negan was out of line for bringing Glenn up!

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