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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Crosses ‘Driving The Indy 500 Pace Car’ off of his Bucket List

When you think of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, you think of one of those people who totally has it all. He’s sort of taking on the epitome of what it means to be living the dream. Not only is he talented, bad ass, and one of the most stunning guys out there – he’s humble about what he has in his life, he appreciates his fans and what they do for him, and he’s got a heart of gold. He’s taken his platform and used it to help other people and taken his circumstance and used it to give back – he’s a person worthy of being looked up to.

So when Jeffrey was so thrilled to let fans know that he’d be driving the Indy 500 Pace Car, fans were just as thrilled for him, as were his friends and family. He was sent messages of congratulations and good luck on social media and people were looking forward to seeing him drive. A few fans even said that they were buying some last minute tickets to the race so that they could see him drive the car.

On May 28th, he got to drive the Indy 500 Pace Car which he called a ‘bucket list’ item of his that he was stoked to cross off. Even if Gus wasn’t really paying attention to the moment that was going on around him.

When it comes to Gus, he’s got the coolest dad around. Jeffrey could simply make breakfast in the morning and he’d still be Gus’ hero.

Before the race, he spoke for some interviews and shared his excitement about getting the honor to drive the car on such a legendary track.

This is the one race that I’ve always consistently watched throughout my life. I never anticipated this sort of thing happening. To have a chance to drive that thing and to get on this track! I mean, I drove this track yesterday, I probably did 20 laps, and I’ve gotta say… There’s nothing cooler!’

Jeffrey also took the time to make sure the fans who came to see him had a cool experience too as he stopped to talk to them and take selfies. He joked that sometimes when people meet him, they forget how to use technology.

A lot of them are shaking and suddenly forget how to work their phone.

Forgetting to use their phones, forgetting to breathe properly – all in a day’s work for the life of a Jeffrey fan, trust us, we’ve seen it!

Did you see Jeffrey drive the pace car on Saturday, were you there in person? Let us know!

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