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James Gunn Reveals Why He Refuses to Work with Certain Actors

Published on August 29th, 2022 | Updated on August 29th, 2022 | By FanFest

James Gunn‘s working relationship with favorite collaborators has long been documented. The filmmaker’s brother Sean has appeared in virtually every project he’s created, as have Michael Rooker and Nathan Fillion. On the other hand, the director stated Saturday that he keeps a list of actors, A-listers included, who he’ll never work with due to their temperament.

“If it’s their temperament & it’s serious, I’ll immediately recast,”The filmmaker said during a Q&A session on Twitter that: “Life’s too short for assholes. Same if they’re repeatedly very late, which I hate, or unprepared. I have a long list of actors, A-list & otherwise, I’ll never work with for these reasons…”

He continued, saying that while there are times where actors are lovely to work with, their performance doesn’t always meet the required standard for the respective production.

“But if it’s performance related, & they’re putting their all into it, I’ll do everything on my end to make it work until it’s absolutely clear the quality of the project will be perceivably harmed if we don’t recast,” Gunn added. “This can happen with really talented actors who just don’t fit.”

In addition, the director stated that he does extensive background checks on actors with whom he works as well as production executives. Gunn said he’ll contact individuals in Hollywood to see whether or not he should collaborate with anyone.

“I always do due diligence on actors & production heads with directors, actors, producers & crew members I trust,” Gunn concluded his Twitter thread by adding. “If it checks out they’re jerks (not just cranky or curmudgeons but actual jerks) or irresponsible I don’t hire them. Some actors I already know never to even consider.”

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