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‘iZombie’ Recap ‘Cape Town’

Move over Grant Gustin, Rose
McIver is playing superhero this week.
Yep, that’s right, after Liv eats the
brain of a local vigilante who
winds up
dead in a dumpster, our favorite neighborhood zombie is trading in
her usual
digs for black
leather and a utility belt packed with chloroform and other
goodies. Liv takes it upon herself to
put on a mask (maybe you should
call Cisco for a little uniform design help,
Liv) and scour the city trying
stop Stacey Boss and his shipment of big ass guns! Even though this
was running throughout
the episode, the murder-mystery of the week took a
backseat to many of the
other plot points going

midseason finale was heartbreaking to say the
least, the writers did a decent

job of convincing us that being a zombie sucks. Oh wait, that’s vampires.
that zombies and humans
can’t be in a successful relationship– at least
according to Liv.
Nonetheless this zombie-ism isn’t the
greatest thing to be
burdened with. Not to mention that they’re putting an
awful lot of clout into
idea of the cure– which, towards the end we find out isn’t so permanent

after all. Poor little rat went full
zombie after 162 days or something. Will
Ravi tell everyone what he’s found?
Or will he struggle to keep this
new secret
that perhaps the cure will never be permanent. Dun dun

Major chats
up a woman at a
bar (I thought he was stepping out for a second), who we find
out is another
one of his targets for his Max
Rager fake-killing spree. Natalie,
who is a whore for hire (basically her
words, not mine) in the zombie
is done with being everyone’s play thing and decides to off
herself. Right when
she’s about to
blow her zombie brains out, Major (who had been creeping in her
shed and
around her house all day) tackles
her to the floor and saves her from
doing the deed. Natalie goes zombie for
a hot second and almost kills
(which I welcomed for a second since he’s been so shady lately), but
then he
explains who he is and
the two totes have a bonding experience for the rest of

After learning more about Natalie,
and of course Liv’s
struggle to keep things normal, I’m plagued with the
question “Is being a zombie

really that bad?” To the point of the undead wanting to become dead dead?
you crave brains and you
have some gnarly side-effects when it comes to eating
those brains, but a
lot of good can come if you keep
the hunger under

After Liv heads into a criminal hotbed full
of guns and Boss’
we find out the damsel in distress from the beginning is really the
and tries to shoot Liv in the back
after Liv graciously sets her free.
That bitch. Enter Boss, who saves Liv.
Did he see her in full zombie
mode? Does
he know she’s close to Peyton? Why did he save her? So many
questions flooding
my mind right
now. Oh, did we mention that Liv scratched a human on his
deathbed because
Blaine told her that he’s the
only one that could locate the
tainted Utopium? Which means, no Utopium, no
chance for a cure. We later found

out that that guy Liv saved was one of Stacey Boss’ right hand men. Ahhh!
have you done? Boss has to
know about zombies!

Because Liv went off the
rails a bit and almost
got herself killed, Clive finally
kicks his detective
assistant to the curb. You’d think he would have done
this ages ago– Liv isn’t
cop, and he really has been treating her like a partner this whole time. What

does this mean for the gang and
the future of solving crime together? As of
right now, outlook not so good.
Without her work at the precinct,
Liv might lose
herself even more and more importantly her purpose as a
zombie. When we return
in January
will we see a completely uncaring Olivia Moore?

The most
moment of this episode would have
to be when Major and Liv break up.
I love a good burgeoning romance like the
rest of ‘em, but is this
pining a bit too much? Should these two go their separate ways for
good? Even
though they were
back together for like a whole episode, Major was still lying
to Liv and Liv
spent most of the time on
stalker brains, which doesn’t seem like
a great combination for romance.
Until Major can come clean about his
(which I think is so stupid for him to be lying about) then I don’t
think they
should be together-
– better yet, they shouldn’t even have any screen time
together. It’s just
too painful (in an awkward, get
your shit together) way.
Major will keep Liv in the dark until he thinks
things are “handled” and poor

Natalie gets hauled into the freezer until they can find a cure. But not
making Major promise if
there never was a cure, to make sure to kill her for
real. Gah. Ravi’s
secret is even more heartbreaking

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