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‘iZombie’ Recap ‘The Hurt Stalker’

Published on December 1st, 2015 | Updated on February 3rd, 2016 | By FanFest

That YouTube chick,
crazy ex-girlfriend has got nothing on
Liv this week. TV’s favorite zombie
is back at it again and this brain
is bound
to ruin her already rocky relationship with Major! But first,
Clive’s former
romance ends up
dead, and all signs point to Clive as the killer. Oh, come on,
Doubtful he’d be the one. He’s a cop
for God’s sake– don’t you think
he’d do a little better at covering his
tracks… well. The investigation,
everyone who knows Clive doesn’t believe in, begins and Team Ravioli
is in full
force this episode.
Ravi and Liv set out to clear Clive’s name.

Since the
show started
we’ve seen a very fragmented Clive
(if we’ve seen much of him at
all) and for the most part his work life and
his personal life remained pretty

separate. It’s refreshing to see the two worlds collide, even if it’s not
the best of circumstance.
We see that Clive is dating his co-worker, bom chicka
wow wow, and we learn
a little more about Clive as a
person– you know, the fact
that he’s a really good good, and that he’s a
Game of Thrones fan! Who

knew? Ravi makes it a point to tease him about not only his cooking but his
for the Starz

Lovely Liv has eaten the brains of Clive’s
deranged ex-
girlfriend and let’s just say she’s
acting beyond crazy. Liv is
determined to find out what Major is up to, and
just when you think that she’s

going to find out about Max Rager and all of Major’s fake zombie slaying–
rummages through Major’s
phone texting Rita for him. I was so pissed when Rita
(aka Gilda) took that
pic from the neck down– I wanted
nothing more than to see
Liv’s face when her roommate turns out to be the
slut sleeping with her man.

Oooh drama! But low and behold, Liv was looking for all the wrong things and

stumbled upon an old affair
and a stagnant operation with the folks over at Max
Rager. This overzealous
new Liv might be the death of our
beloved ship.
Hopefully Major can see past the psychotic induced brains and
eventually come
clean about
all of it.

Is it just me or is everyone else sick of Max
Rager? Yes,
this place has gotten a bit more
dicey– these people aren’t messing
around. They are ready for rumble.
Vaughn du Clark and Gilda have a
and dark banter that I have really grown to hate… can’t they just
have a normal

father/daughter relationship? No… well, okay then. I’m waiting with baited

breath trying to wrap my brain
around what Max Rager’s endgame is. Do they want
a world full of juiced up
zombies? Do they just want to see
the world go up in
flames? Hopefully the mid-season finale can shed some
light on what the company
its CEO are really after here.

The FDA needs to shut down Super Max,

and stat! That drink doesn’t eff
around, man. I can’t drink any sort of caffeine
because it makes me jittery
like a crack addict, so I have no
idea what a sip
from that potent energy drink would do to me. One thing is
for sure, I foresee a
outbreak, and like uncontrollable, brain-lusting outbreak very very soon.

Zombie’s that can run at speeds of
10mph? All I have to say is damn.

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