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‘iZombie’ Recap ‘Max Wager’

Spoiler alert! Major isn’t a
murderer after all, (he’s too hot to be
a killer) and thank God because I
was seriously starting to doubt
this guy’s
moral compass. Robert Buckley is a fantastic actor and to see
some sort of
serial zombie killer bender without real cause would have been
painful to
continue to watch. So, here’s the
deal… he’s been dumping manikins
instead of zombie bodies over that bridge,
yep, we’re just as surprised as
are. Who knew this often dubious dude would have the galls to pull off
such a
swap. You have to
admit, swapping out all the people on his hit list for fakes
is pretty damn
genius (even for a pretty boy
like him, haha). These zombies got
a little more cold (ya, know because
they’re dead and in a freezer and
after Majors big magician act. You have to admit, it’s a pretty
brilliant plan
and hopefully Major
did this so that once (if) there’s a cure then he can turn
these people back
to their former selves. Awww.
His master plan gives me the
warm and fuzzies.

I’m pretty impressed
with the folks over at

iZombie for taking the time to let this storyline play out, I had my

doubts… but this twist comes
well before the mid-season finale and along with
many other shocking
developments. You know I’m team
Major/Liv but their
burgeoning relationship (and yes, they are totes back
together now) will have to
put on the back burner for some more pressing developments. But before I get

to those, the big points to note
during this episode was that Ravi told the two
(after many scientific tests
that if the two had sex… Major
would become a
zombie… talk about a boner killer). We knew these two would
eventually find
their way back
to each other, it was just a waiting game while Major figured out
how to get
out of the sticky situation at
Max Rager. Seems like a good band-aid
until all hell breaks loose during the
mid-season episode. My money’s
on Minor,
the dog, alerting the authorities to Major’s extracurricular
activities, at the
very least he’s
going to be nailed as a dognapper– or Liv and Major having sex
and poof
zombie Major!

Enter small
scary man by the name of Stacey Boss.
Can I just say how excited I am to see
more Peyton on my screen? Girl
has no
fear despite Boss strutting into her office, looking at her crime
board and
totally threatening
the heck (in the most nonchalant way) out of the deputy
district attorney.
You have to give it to him, he
clearly knows he has some
upper-hand if he’s waltzing into a federal
building without a care in the world

that he’d be caught. This guy is bad, like stone cold killer, drug lord, bad
his casual conversation
is terrifying to say the least. Hats off to the
writers for
tying this week’s murder into an
overall much bigger
problem on the show, when Boss was talking about how he
would go about getting

someone to kill themselves was eery and made us all (even the characters on
show investigating the
murder) feel like this guy has done these things he’s
described one too many
times before. I’m getting
goosebumps just recalling this
scene, ahhh. But come on, if Boss goes after
people Peyton holds near and dear

let’s hope Liv is his first stop. I would KILL to see Liv go all zombie on

Photo courtesy of The

A somewhat
depressing (well,
everything lately has been kind of morbid) plot of this
week’s episode was
giving his grandpa the axe… well, a pillow. After establishing that
last bit of humanity lies with
his grandpa brought a shocking twist of
him killing him. The decision to
murder him to spite his father
confirms the
length Blaine will go to make his dad suffer. Man, that’s
borderline psychotic.
Just when I
was starting to think there was some room for redemption for this
guy– he
goes and lets hate and revenge
overthrow him. Blaine definitely liked
being a zombie because it eliminated
that human element to him (no pun

intended)… but, does it really warrant him planting seeds of doubt into
Does she deep down really
enjoy being a zombie? I think maybe on some level when
Liv was trying so
hard to get back to her humanity she
realized that she’s doing
so much more good with this zombie abilities and
is perhaps a little weary of

the fact that if she becomes human again– her purpose will have to be re-

evaluated (plus how will we
have a show with no zombies?).

All in all,
this was a captivating
episode packed with science, psychos
and silliness (I’m
looking at you Ravi) and I’m pretty pleased with the
developments of this
installment. Can Liv and Major survive without sex? Has
checked out for good? Will Peyton
ask for help when it comes to Boss?
Until next time…

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