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Is There A Big Fairy Tail Announcement Coming!?

Published on April 20th, 2021 | Updated on April 20th, 2021 | By FanFest

It’s not uncommon for crazy anime rumors to pop up. You’d be surprised how many times a new series announcement rumor pops up. If they were all true we’d have about sixty more Dragonball series than we currently have. Now it seems like there might be a big Fairy Tail announcement coming. Why is this one particularly noteworthy? Well, that’s because Fairy Tail has been over for quite some time! Everyone is wondering what could be coming for the manga from Hiro Mashima.

See, fans started going crazy when a Twitter user, Ryokutya, posted a teaser online. He didn’t give any details or anything like that. He did, however, say that Edens Zero and Fairy Tail have some news coming this April. He didn’t share anything else about what that could potentially be. So, basically, Fairy Tail is supposed to get some kind of big announcement this April! Well, it might not be much to go on but I’m all fired up now!

The reason this rumor picked up steam when others don’t is because of the person who posted it. Ryokutya has a reputation that precedes him. Not just that, but the series is due for an announcement any time now. See, Fairy Tail may have ended but there is currently an ongoing sequel being published. Some think that sequel could be getting its own anime, finally! Whereas other more pessimistic fans are thinking that the sequel manga could be ending imminently.

Edens Zero on the other hand is going strong! Others think that the announcement might be related to Edens Zero. With the Netflix series doing quite well could it maybe be about to get a movie? April is almost over, so regardless we’ll know whether it’s true or not soon. Hopefully, it is!

Let us know what you think the announcement could be below!

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