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Hot Toys Reveal New Spider-Man Figure

Published on December 8th, 2019 | Updated on December 8th, 2019 | By FanFest

I’ve been collecting Hot Toys for about 4 years now and after each addition I always say the same thing:

“right, this is my last one”

I’ve now come to realise that I can no longer trust myself. With Hot Toys continuously upping there game with gorgeous figures like the Mandalorian, Kylo Ren, Darth Maul and Iron Man Mark LXXXV, it is impossible to stay away.

A few days ago, the company revealed a brand new Spider-Man figure. Using the costumes from the brilliant and spectacular PS4 game, Hot Toys have been creating some of the most impressive figures I have seen in a while, and this addition blew my mind.

True believers, let me introduce you to… The Iron Spider Armor.

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Introduced in the pages of Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man in the run-up to the Civil War event, the Iron Spider Armor has captured fans’ eyes with its distinctive design element, and fans can now enjoy swinging around the city in this astonishing suit in the critically-acclaimed video game Marvel’s Spider-Man. Brought to life through intricate and meticulous workmanship, Hot Toys’ brand new 1/6th scale Spider-Man (Iron Spider Armor) collectible figure, inspired by the Marvel’s Spider-Man unique take on the armor, will continue to expand your favorite Spidey collection! Incorporating distinct elements of Tony Stark’s Iron Man design, this Iron Spider Armor is an awesome piece of battle tech modified with extra details while staying true to its comics origins and the video game’s fresh spin on it. The figure features a newly crafted masked head sculpt; a specialized body allows great realistic poseability; all-new metallic red and gold Spidey suit with a gold spider emblem on chest; three highly-detailed mechanical pincers; matching interchangeable hands for different classic postures; a variety of web accessories; and a dynamic figure stand for aerial poses. Get back to protecting the neighborhood with one of the most high-tech Spider-Man suits in 1/6th collectible figure inspired by Marvel’s Spider-Man! #HotToys #Collectibles #SixScale #MarvelsSpiderMan #SpiderMan #IronSpiderArmor #SpiderManPS4 #BeGreater

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This amazing figure stands 30cm tall and has over 30 points of articulation. It comes with 10 interchangeable hands, 6 strings of webs to create unique and dynamic poses and, of course, the 3 golden pincers.

What a stunning figure. It scheduled for release in early 2020.

Along with the Iron Spider from the PS4 game, we have also had:

You can check them all out by clicking the links. You won’t regret it. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

You can check out more from Hot Toys right here.

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