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Happy Birthday, Madison Lintz!

Yep…The Walking Dead family’s favorite little barn walker is not so little anymore. Madison Lintz who portrayed Sophia Peletier is turning 19 today!

Born in 1999, Madison began her acting career at the age of six by doing voice-overs and commercials. She then gained the role of Carol’s daughter, Sophia, and appeared in the hit AMC series for season 1 and half of season 2.

Sophia and Carl Grimes became fast friends and in the season 2 premiere, after hiding from a passing horde of walkers, she was chased and eventually got lost while trying to find her way back to the main highway. For the first half of season 2, Rick’s group continued to search for Sophia while waiting for Carl to recuperate after getting shot by Otis.

After finding out that Hershel was keeping walkers in his barn, Shane released them in order to keep the farm safe. Their search came to a devastating end when the last walker to exit the barn was Sophia who had been bitten at some point after Rick lured the walkers away from her. As walker Sophia stumbled over corpses, Rick was forced to put her down.

Happy Birthday, Madison Lintz!

The death of Sophia remains one of The Walking Dead’s saddest deaths ever.

Since then, Madison has gone on to make appearances in Nashville and It’s Supernatural. She currently plays the role of Maddie Bosch in the Amazon series Bosch.

Madison’s younger brother Macsen has had a recurring role on The Walking Dead from season seven to the end of the eighth season. He plays Henry from The Kingdom.

Join us here at Fan Fest News in wishing Madison a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Madison!