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Happy Birthday, Sonequa Martin-Green!

Published on March 21st, 2018 | Updated on March 21st, 2018 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead alum and newest Starfleet Commander from Star Trek: Discovery, Sonequa Martin-Green, turns 33 today!

Born in 1985 in Russellville, Alabama, Sonequa, who is best known to us as Sasha Williams from The Walking Dead is an actress and producer who began her career in 2005. Originally, she was interested in pursuing a career in psychology before deciding to become an actress while in high school. She graduated with a degree in theatre from the University of Alabama in 2007.

Before joining The Walking Dead, Sonequa appeared in various film and television roles which included Toe to Toe, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Army Wives, The Good Wife, Gossip Girl and NYC 22. After being cast on the hit AMC series, she has made appearances in Once Upon a Time and New Girl.

The actress gained the role of Sasha in 2012 during the series’ fourth season. Sasha, her brother Tyreese and the remainder of their group come upon the prison inhabited by Rick Grimes and his group. They would eventually join Rick’s group and become beloved family members and fan favorites.

Gene Page/AMC

After the loss of Tyreese and Bob Stookey, Sasha began to become unhinged taking unnecessary chances with her life. After arriving at Alexandria Safe Zone, she formed a deep connection and relationship with Abraham Ford. Unfortunately, Abraham met his demise when the group encounters Negan for the first time and introduces everyone to Lucille.

Joining forces with Rosita who was still bitter about Sasha and Abraham getting together, they set off on their own to kill Negan. This plan eventually led to Sasha’s capture at the Sanctuary. Negan asked Sasha if she would help him send a message to Rick’s group to which she agreed but, in reality, she had a plan of her own.

Sasha is placed in a coffin for the ride to ASZ. She is given an iPod to listen to on the way as well as something to “go to sleep” which was provided by Eugene. During the ride, she takes the manufactured medication and while, reminiscing about Abraham, she eventually fell asleep.

Gene Page/AMC

Upon giving his speech to all of ASZ, Negan opened the coffin. Sasha emerged, not dead but undead. As a walker. She attacked Negan, but he got away unscathed. After the fight at ASZ ends, Walker Sasha was found in the woods and was put down by Maggie.

I still think she should have got Negan!

After leaving The Walking Dead, Sonequa began her role as First Officer and now Starfleet Commander Michael Burnham of the USS Discovery on  CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery in 2017. The series has already been confirmed for a second season.

Sonequa and her family, husband Kenric Green and son Kenric Jr., currently reside in the Los Angeles area. She was pregnant while filming the fifth season of The Walking Dead. Her husband also appears on the series in the role of Scott.

Besides watching her on past episodes of The Walking Dead and currently on Star Trek: Discovery, you can catch Sonequa at various Walker Stalker Conventions, schedule permitting.

Join us here at Fan Fest News in wishing Sonequa a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Sonequa!




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