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Happy Birthday, Christine Woods

Christine Woods turns 34 today! She is best known to The Walking Dead fans as Officer Dawn Lerner and leader of the Grady Memorial Hospital group on the series. Some fans may love her, some may hate her and some may hate to love her but no matter what your feelings were regarding Officer Lerner, she left a huge impact on the show in only a few episode that she was in.

Christine Elizabeth Woods was born in Lake Forest, California.

Her film and television credits include The Haunting of Marsten Manor, Dean, CSI: Miami, Hello Ladies, The Odd Couple and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Woods appeared in only 3 episodes of The Walking Dead but in that short time, she became one of the most hated villains of the show. Back in season 4, Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) is taken in an unknown car with a cross on the back window after she and Daryl fight off walkers. Beth wakes up in season 5 at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Apparently, the group had found her injured from the Walker fight and saved her.

Happy Birthday, Christine Woods

Dawn Lerner is the leader and clashes with Beth who doesn’t agree with her tactics and the way she disciplines and uses the members of her group. Beth meets Noah and tries to make an escape but Noah is the only one to escape. He later finds Daryl and Carol who were looking for Beth. Carol is also injured and taken to GMH. Rick’s group plan a rescue mission by trading members of Dawn’s group for Beth and Carol.

Happy Birthday, Christine Woods

All seemed to be going well until Dawn got greedy and asked for Noah to return. Beth refuses, wanting to take him home to Richmond, Va., and stabs Dawn in the shoulder with a pair of surgical scissors…WHY, BETH?!?! This causes Dawn to react and, without thinking, shoots Beth in the head, killing her. A devastated Daryl shoots Dawn in the head, killing her.

Join us in wishing Christine a very Happy Birthday!



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