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Happy Birthday, Tyler James Williams!

Published on October 9th, 2017 | Updated on October 9th, 2017 | By FanFest

Everybody may have hated Chris but everybody loved Noah on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Tyler James Williams who played Noah on the hit series celebrates turning 25 years old today!

Born in Westchester County, New York in 1992, Tyler is also a recording artist, music video and film director, martial artist and graphic designer.

He began his career at the young age of four. He appeared in Sesame Street for 5 years before gaining the title role portraying a young Chris Rock in Everybody Hates Chris. He also made appearances in Law & Orders: SVU, House, The Cleaner, and Criminal Minds.

He was cast as Noah in The Walking Dead in 2014. His character meets and befriends Beth Greene played by Emily Kinney in season 5, episode 4, “Slab Town.” They are both being held at the Grady Memorial Hospital. Noah confides in Beth that he wants to escape and return to his home in Richmond, Virginia where he and his father left his mother and twin brothers. They plan their escape but only Noah gets out. He later comes across Daryl and Caryl how are also looking for Beth. Carol gets hit by a car looking for Noah and she is also taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. With Noah’s knowledge of the hospital, he, Daryl, Rick, Tyreese and Sasha plan on getting both Beth and Carol back. They take a few of the hospital officers hostages in hopes of trading them for Beth and Carol. The trade goes south when Beth is killed.

Noah leaves with Ricks group and they take him to Virginia per Beth’s wishes. When they arrive, they find that everything has been overrun. Tyreese dies, they are on the road hungry and thirsty. They meet Aaron who eventually takes them all to Alexandria. Once they feel that it’s safe, everyone tries to blend in and Noah asks Reg if he can teach him about architecture. He wants to know how to keep the town running later down the line. Noah, Glenn, Tara, Eugene, Aiden and Nicholas go on a run for solar panel supplies. After finding the supplies, they are all attacked by walkers. Aiden is impaled and is left for walker food. Trying to escape. Nicholas, Glenn and Noah get trapped in a revolving door. Nicholas panics and forces himself through to safety causing the walkers to grab Noah back into the hallway and eat him alive while Glenn watches through the glass…R.I.P. Noah!

After his appearance on The Walking Dead, Tyler appeared in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders on CBS.

Join us in wishing Tyler the happiest of birthdays!

Happy Birthday, Tyler!



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