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Happy Birthday Chadwick Boseman

If we had to guess, Chadwick Boseman is probably having a pretty incredible day. Not only did the trailer drop for Avengers: Infinity War – showcasing his role as Black Panther in the MCU – he’s celebrating his 41st birthday.

Chadwick may be the talk of the industry right now for his role as T’Challa – the first black superhero, but his career is also full of history outside of the incredible Marvel Franchise.  While many of his roles have him portraying real people, like Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, and James Brown – his talent spans many genres.

Happy Birthday Chadwick Boseman

That talent doesn’t just sit within him as an actor, either. When he first got cast in his starring film role, he was directing an off-broadway play. In fact, he’d been considering giving acting up altogether to focus just on directing. We have to say, we’re so glad he got that role. Not only did he play an incredible Jackie Robinson, it went on to spur his incredible career.

That career is going to take a massive turn when Black Panther hits theaters in early 2018. While his debut as T’Challa happened in Captain America: Civil War, we weren’t privy to much information about where he came from. We saw what ‘made him’ as he lost his father, but with Black Panther, we’ll be able to see him in a different light, one that will undoubtedly go down in pop culture history.

So happy birthday Chadwick Boseman, may you celebrate it in style.

Happy Birthday Chadwick Boseman