The Walker Stalker Cruise Provides a Grimes Family Reunion

The majority of the time, many of us have what ifs in our lives. We constantly find ourselves wishing we had done something different. What if Carl and Lori were still living on The Walking Dead? After all they kept Judith alive on the show and some of us know the difference between the show and the comics with her. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to see a picture of Lori, Carl, and Judith though then your wait is over. Thanks to the Walker Stalker Cruise we finally have that photograph!

I’m not sure who the casting director is on The Walking Dead but they deserve a pat on the back. This photograph gives the impression of the perfect family. In many ways this has me wondering what Alexandria would be today if Lori or Carl were leading the community and Rick had died at the bridge. While this is not necessarily the outcome I want, this picture has me wondering if Lori would have fallen apart the way that Rick did at the prison upon losing her. Would the dynamic be the same it is not if Lori and Rick were still together as opposed to Rick and Michonne making their way to each other?

In many ways, I imagine that Lori could have gained strength for her children, but I also imagine that Carl would run everything with Judith close by his side. If Carl was in charge and the bridge would have blown up though I imagine that he could have never given up. I imagine part of the show would have been the journey that Daryl and Carl venturing off to find Rick. I’m not sure that Carl could have ever truly given up. I feel the same about Michonne and Daryl now though. I do not feel they have truly given up finding Rick either.

However, if this were the case where would that leave Michonne? I cannot quite imagine Michonne would have stayed with Alexndria in this alternate reality. I envision her leading elsewhere or becoming a part of Oceanside, which would have changed the entire course of the show. I cannot say I hate this idea, but then we would not have a Richonne baby and many fans have wanted that to happen from the moment sparks flew and tension mounted between Rick and Michonne. I cannot take that away from the fans!

Of course none of us can because this is merely an alternate reality I could not resist coming up with upon seeing the picture. How does this photograph make you feel? Do you wish that Lori and Carl were still on the show to guide Judith? Do you think she would guide them as well? Let us know in the comments below!