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‘Gotham’ Recap: ‘To Our Deaths and Beyond’

What’s up, Gothamites! Another day passed, another episode of Gotham aired on FOX, and the season finale is getting closer by the week! Last week we ended seeing Jeremiah open a present from Jerome, turning him into the crazy, Jack Nicholson-y like Joker we all know and love. Well, now we know he won’t be the official Joker, which is sad, but we have still reason to be excited! After all, this is an origin story, and we’re getting a lot of background on the villains we all adore.

'Gotham' Recap: 'To Our Deaths and Beyond'
GOTHAM: Erin Richards ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle – Barbara/Tabitha
The storyline for these two has been splendid in the last few episodes. We cheer them right on when we see the first scene they’re yet again together in a car. This time, in Bruce’s new, bulletproof vehicle (Batmobile 1.0). Soon we see that Tabitha needed their help with the whole Barbara thing. They get lead into a room that’s completely dark, but once it lights up, people go and grab Bruce, Tabitha telling them that Barbara needs their help. Tabitha has this whole plan to bring Ra’s Al Ghul back from the dead, with Bruce’s help. Nothing seemed to happen at first. Until Bruce’s blood started to move, and Ra’s Al Ghul rose from the dead. Once he’s awake and walking, he hates everyone for waking him from the dead. We see Tabitha regretting the choice of waking him, as he is even ready to rip the Demon’s Head from Barbara’s corpse to save the League. Ra’s goes and talks to Barbara, and he sees what his goons saw in Barbara. He made a mistake in giving the Head to Barbara.
Bruce at this point is not in a good mood. Because he does realize that he’s going to be the one to kill Ra’s again. Alfred tries to repurchase the knife from the embassy, but he’s making a diversion so that they can steal the blade that is, in turn, going to kill Ra’s Al Ghul. Again. In true Mission Impossible style, Selina takes the knife right from under their noses.
Again, Barbara leaves her mark and takes the gun from Selina. Selina then follows the two ladies too in the car and leaves Bruce. However, soon she sees that going with Barbara and her plan is a suicide mission, and she goes back to Bruce.
As a thought, Barbara stabbing Ra’s didn’t do anything at all. However, Ra’s turned to stab Barbara, but it unlocked the Demon’s Head. Ra’s turns the knife to Tabitha’s neck and sees her day in her visions. She gives the Demon’s Head back to Ra’s, and it turns him back to the human form he had. Before Bruce can do anything, Ra’s disappears. However, Ra’s turns up at the mansion and tells Bruce he respects who he has become. He also said that he has a vision of a cataclysm thing that will turn things around in Gotham. It will turn Bruce in the ‘Dark Knight.’

The Riddler/ Lee Thompkins
Last episode we left off with Lee asking how many banks Ed could rob in one night. In this episode, the record seems to be at five, and Jim Gordon goes to talk to Lee to see if she knows more about it. They stole the money to give to the poor people in the Narrows. Ed asks Lee where they stand in the relationship, but everything Lee seems to say is one prominent riddle. When Jim talks to Lee and thinks of the robbings feeling less like they are only a thing of Ed, Lee makes sure she throws Jim out.

'Gotham' Recap: 'To Our Deaths and Beyond'
GOTHAM: L-R: Cory Michael Smith and Morena Baccarin ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

The old, sweet Ed is still inside the Riddlers head, and it’s showing in true style when he starts talking to himself in the mirror. It leads to him going to Penguin and betraying Lee while they were robbing a bank. However, betrayal is towards Penguin and Butch/Grundy. He locked them both up and left them to get caught by the cops. Ed and Lee talk, he tells her he knows she’s using him, but he still stays by her side. That’s how Lee became the one that robbed the bank so that the Riddler could escape.



The news about the show rebooting has switched things up for me. You can feel that everybody will disappear, just like the Riddler did. Somehow that felt like a ‘goodbye, for now’ moment, which I get and can see where they are going with the show. Just how soon is the vision of Ra’s Al Ghul going to become real? Was that a vision of the future, years from that moment? Or did he see something that we will see in the season finale? Let us know what you think in the comment below.

The next episode of Gotham will air on May 4, on FOX.


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