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‘Gotham’: A Dark Knight: ‘Pieces of a Broken Mirror’ Recap

Published on March 2nd, 2018 | Updated on March 4th, 2018 | By FanFest

Hello, fellow Gothamites, Gotham is finally back, and it came with a bang! We left off where Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) is a real party boy, firing Alfred (Sean Pertwee) and being all alone in the big mansion. Gordon (Ben McKenzie) took over as Captain in the precinct, and Lee (Morena Baccarin) found a new voice in being the new leader of the Narrows. All while Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) is getting back to his psychotic self.

The midseason premiere starts off with a scene where Jim Gordon searches for Bullock. But, he seems to be very unsuccessful. While Gordon walks out of the house, things seem to change pretty quick. The camera starts following a man, stepping out of his car and looking suspicious. He enters a destroyed home with a guy and a girl following him. They can’t seem to find the drugs they were looking for, but they do see a cocoon with a body inside, with vines all over it. Before the guy can even touch it, it starts to move. And so Poison Ivy is born!

Soon after the man tries to hit on her and touch her, but Ivy doesn’t allow it and seems to have a new strength in her body. Later in the episode, she finds herself breaking into a house, stealing clothes and watching tv while eating ice cream. Ivy comes on a commercial about the Gotham’s Sirens club, and Ivy remembers all of the girls their faces. She gets up from the couch with a look that wants blood.

The ladies of the Gotham’s Sirens don’t know what will hit them, but at least they’re back in business. It’s also the place where Selina gets in touch with Bruce Wayne. Of course, Bruce Wayne is the playboy we know so well and has a girl under his arm at each side. Bruce is being a real rich boy and asks Selina if she wants some champagne. Selina is close to not giving a crap about anything.

Selina Kyle is one to find things out for herself. She did not believe the person she saw was her Ivy that she knew. Selina follows Ivy home and crawls in through the window. Ivy quickly lets Selina realize she’s there and that she remembers. What did happen too soon, was that Ivy poisons the only friend she had in all of this. But, Ivy does give her the antidote. Ivy also tells Selina she just needs to trust Ivy. Selina Kyle tells Ivy she has gone crazy, but Ivy quickly dismissed that and said she’s reborn, that she always looked out for Ivy. The reborn woman merely wants to return the favor now. Will she be able to trust her a few seconds after Ivy poisoned her?

Following Lee in her footsteps, she talks to the people from the Narrows to see what they want. They just want to survive, day by day, but Lee doesn’t want it. She doesn’t believe that in the Narrows it’s everyone for themselves and that is something that she wants to change. She wants the Narrows to be a safe space, where people can live without blowing each other to bits. The people applaud her, and it seems to go well. Until of course, the explosion.

One good thing that happened in that group is that Solomon Grundy finally remembers who he is, Butch Gilzean. He also recalls how he died at the hands of Barbara Kean. Solomon (or Grundy) has now a solo mission, and that is to kill Barbara.

Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox are the two people who are going to look for the person that has made the explosion happen. With their first lead, they almost get killed by toys. You read that right; the toys are trying to kill them. It makes us wonder, is it the Toy Maker that made an appearance in Gotham?

Throughout the whole episode, Jim Gordon tries to find who ‘The Doc’ is. When he follows a lead (thanks to Barbara Kean) into the Narrows into Cherry’s club, he finally gets to see who the person is. Lee Thompkins. Of course, Jim Gordon is surprised, just like how Lee is surprised that Jim is in her club.

This episode was one big puzzle that came together by the scene, piece after piece. It was a rollercoaster of stories coming together and I, can’t wait to see what will happen in the next episode. What did you think of this episode? Will Selina and Ivy rule over Gotham pretty soon? Or will Edward Nygma let the Riddler loose to rule over the Narrows? Let us know in the comments below.


Gotham: A Dark Knight episode 13 will air next Thursday on FOX.


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