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Google Seems To Have Something Big To Reveal To Gamers At GDC

Published on February 21st, 2019 | Updated on February 21st, 2019 | By FanFest

While there is not anything one would say Google does not have its hands in (although I do not see a digital grocery store anywhere), gaming is something Google surprisingly has not found itself in the midst of. Sure, Android boasts plenty of games as a mobile operating system, but it is not a dedicated gaming system, and Google also is not making games for it. Given some recent news, it seems we are about to see what Google has been doing behind closed doors.

Google sent a very vague invitation to gaming press, promising all will be revealed, a gif that shows a hallway with a bright light at the end, a date of March 19th, and the words “Gather Around”. Alright guys, I’m calling it here. Make way for the Google Gather gaming console. All silliness aside, we have absolutely no idea what this is. While my money is on a digital only/streaming console, Google could have different plans all together.

As of now we have no clue if there will be a stream of this announcement or not. The fun is while many like to speculate, we have absolutely nothing to speculate on as we do not know what is being announced, only that Google specifically targeted gaming media with this, it is being held at Game Developers Conference, and the tech giant has wanted in on the gaming world for awhile. Your guess is truly as good as mine.

Could it be a gaming console? Will it support physical media (which I think is almost a definite no)? Does Google have studios making games to support it? Are there any good exclusives planned? Is it possibly a Switch style hybrid console (this I honestly think makes a ton of sense, using modified Android and their expertise in mobile)? There are so many questions to ask, but the best thing to do is probably wait.

I will say, I do not know that this is the right move. The gaming market is already so crowded and unless you have something groundbreaking I am not sure it will survive. Going up against the big 3 in Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox is not something you just do. While I think Google has done its research, this could be a wash for them in the end.

In any case, keep your eyes here on March 19th as we dissect every bit of what Google announces. Googles panel will drop on March 19th at Game Developers Conference. Get ready folks, the N-Gage 2 is about to happen 🤣.


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as seen on promo graphic