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“Ghostbusters” Review

Published on July 17th, 2016 | Updated on July 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

Many ghostheads for the past 25 years were clamoring for a “Ghostbusters 3.” Yet, for a plethora of reasons, it never worked out. And nothing was even moving in a direction that would even show any progress towards such a movie. Then, with the passing of Harold Ramis, any possibility of a sequel disappeared.

Then, in 2014, it was announced to the world that Paul Feig ( of “Bridesmaids,” “Spy,” and “The Heat”) would direct a reboot to the original Ghostbusters franchise and that it would star four of the funniest women in the world: Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. Oh yes, and Chris Hemsworth (who plays “Thor” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe)  would be in the movie as well as the receptionist. On paper, this sounds like a win-win. We would get one of the best directors of comedy in Hollywood paired with these incredibly talented and funny women. Plus, we would have Chris Hemsworth.

Then the internet went completely bonkers. While some were upset about not having a direct sequel to the original films, there was also a lot of sexism towards these ladies simply because they were women… busting ghosts. Apparently, in a world where ghosts exist, the only way to counter this paranormal threat means you had to be a man. Which is ridiculous. To paraphrase Winston Zeddemore, as long as you have the tools and the talent, who cares whether a buster of ghosts was male or female? The answer is no one should.

There are only two fair questions that can be asked of this movie:

  1. Is it a funny movie?
  2. Is it a good movie?

The answer to the first question is yes, this was a very funny movie. All four Ghostbusters in the reboot have a chance to shine and given their moment to add to the laughs that everyone, including the cameos from the original Ghostbusters cast. However, two performances stand out: Kate McKinnon as Dr. Jillian Holtzmann, and Chris Hemsworth as Kevin. Kate’s character was always smiling and had a semi-serious attitude when going about her business, but took her work seriously enough to create the gear that it used. She bought a charm, goofiness, silliness and seriousness all together so well that you take her seriously enough when it matters but laughing hysterically when she is on screen busting ghosts or interacting with the others. Chris’ character clearly is meant to be the stereotypical “dumb blond” in the movie and performs it so well that you wonder why Chris Hemsworth has not been in more comedies, and can we get a spinoff movie, or book(s), or comic book(s) just featuring Kevin and his adventures in the rebooted Ghostbusters world? Even if it is a short YouTube video of Kevin talking about the day to day of being the receptionist, I and many Ghostheads (and those Chris Hemsworth fans) would watch it.

The answer to the second question is yes, it is a good movie. Paul Feig has the tough act to follow in rebooting a franchise that is popular; however, he finds the right balance in honoring the classic Ghostbusters while telling his story with the new Ghostbusters team. Paul should be applauded for being able to take a universe that is loved on a global scale and able to find a way to tell a new and fresh story that allows the franchise to move forward in telling even more stories. Remember to stay for the post credit scene, you’ll get a good indication as to the next ghost (we hope) they have to tackle that should make even the most hardcore ghosthead excited.

Allow yourself to strap on a proton pack and get ready to bust some ghosts because busting, once again, will make you feel good!


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