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Get A First Look At The Dead Space Remake On August 31, 2021!

Dead Space is probably one of the greatest horror games of all time, and I’m including the second game in there. The third one was a little iffy, but my point still stands, trust me. The original Dead Space especially is a master in horror. The entire thing left me tense from beginning to end and it played beautifully. A true survival horror experience with truly terrifying monsters. When I found out we were getting a Dead Space remake, I lost it. Now you can get a first look at the Dead Space remake on August 31, 2021!

The developer and company behind the Dead Space remake, Motive Studio, and EA, will be giving us an early look at the Dead Space remake. Actually, their exact words were a “very early look” meaning that we should probably set our expectations a little low.

That part is very important. Without even a release date, or window, announced it’s pretty clear that Dead Space is very early in development. That means that when the event hits on Tuesday we shouldn’t expect a trailer. We probably shouldn’t even expect any gameplay.

That’s not to say I don’t want either of those things. I’d love it if we got an awesome trailer during the live stream! I just don’t want any of us to walk away disappointed, because that would suck pretty bad. I’m sure what we see will still be awesome, though!

As you can see, the trailer will be going down tomorrow at 10 am, and you can catch it on the official Twitch channel of Motive Studio. I know I’ll be tuning in. In fact, odds are I’m probably going to load Dead Space back up in the next little while. I’m too excited, and I think it’s time to revisit them.

So, make sure you get your first look at the Dead Space remake on Tuesday!

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