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Gaming: Tekken Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Tekken 7

If you’re a fan of fighting games that have quite an interesting and unique storyline, I would highly recommend the Tekken series to you.

The Tekken franchise will celebrate its 20th anniversary later this week, with the next series of the fighting game franchise; Tekken 7. Tekken 7 returns to the game to roots of classic 1 vs 1 and the storyline will be focused on the everlasting struggle for power amongst the members of the Mishima clan.  Newcomer Kazumi Mishima also joins in on the fight, staging quite an epic battle between father and son.


In addition to a concluding storyline, two new mechanisms are introduced in the game. The first, Rage Art, allows the player to execute critical attacks that deal roughly 30% damage depending on the character once their health bar is critical, in exchange for inactivating the normal attack power increase. The second, Power Crush, lets the player continue their attacks even while being hit by the enemy, although they would still receive the damage dealt by the enemy’s attacks.

Tekken 7 will be available on June 2, 2017 for Xbox One and PS4,

Sources: IGN, Gamespot

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