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Gaming: Top 8 ‘Super Moves’ in Injustice 2

Earlier this month, Injustice 2 made its debut in stores across the world. Gradually, it has been making a steady climb up the sales charts. One cool new feature that is very different from the original game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, is that every character has a completely different ‘super move’. The ‘super move’ is the move that is trigged when you hit your R2 + L2 buttons on your controller at the same time, delivering an ultimate blow to your enemy.

Some of these moves are pretty amazing, and not just because of how much damage they inflict. The design of them is just also completely amazing.

Below we’ve collected a list of super moves that especially stood out to us.


8. Black Canary


Her cry is worse than her punch!! At first when Black Canary was announced, she was met with some grumbles and ‘that is so cliche’. However, her super move is anything but cliché! Check out that epic cry!!

7. Bane


Talk about a backbreaker. While his super move may not be the most detailed, if executed properly and at the right moment, it certainly does a heck of a lot of damage!!

6. Aquaman


Not only is his move super powerful, but that detail is pretty cool. Not only does Aquaman toss his enemy around with his trident, he also summons a creature of the sea to destroy his enemy.

5. Dr. Fate


When Dr. Fate executes his Super move on you, be prepared to get absorbed into his world. The detail of his super move is simply something to admire.

4. The Flash


Talk about a scenic time travel. The design of this super move is fantastic; and also, it is pretty powerful to boot. I mean, we can never get tired of seeing the Flash travel through time!

3. Swamp Thing


Talk about a bone crushing, hair splitting super move! Although some fans found themselves disappointed that Solomon Grundy is no longer in the game, Swamp Thing IS a pretty cool replacement. His Super Move is definitely one that you want to try and block, that damage is quite destructive!

2. Black Adam


Talk about a wrath from above. Not only does Black Adam throw his opponent across the continents, but he rains down a hell-ish lighting from above. We don’t know about you, but we certainly fear Black Adam’s wrath!!

1. Superman


Superman’s Super move is hands down the coolest that we have seen. Not only is it quite damaging, but the animations and the facial expressions are phenomenal. Supes for the win!!

What is your favorite ‘Super’ Move??


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