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FanFest’s Nintendo 64 Game Bucket List

As a child, one thing that I would highly look forward at the end of a school day was coming home and playing my favorite games on my brand new Nintendo 64. Sure, my original Nintendo, but I can remember the day that I got my Nintendo 64. The game graphics looked absolutely amazing compared to before… and there were so many different gaming options.

A store near me in the King of Prussia Mall, Jay Street Video games, is a retro gaming store in which you can buy older systems (dating back to the original Nintendo) along with dozens upon dozens of games for each system. Naturally, this trip down memory lane made me break out my old Nintendo 64 and whip out a bunch of classic games I forgot I even had.

Below is a list of ‘must play’ bucket list games for the Nintendo 64:

8. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

FanFest's Nintendo 64 Game Bucket List

Nice hang-time!! Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was definitely an entertaining hit. Whether you were an avid skater or you just admired the sport, this was quite a fun game for you! I used to love watching my brother play this game with his friends.

7. Star Fox 64

FanFest's Nintendo 64 Game Bucket List

Star Fox was something my brother and I highly enjoyed as a kid. I mean come on, a fox in space?? That’s something that you don’t see every day!

6. Super Smash Bros.

FanFest's Nintendo 64 Game Bucket List

Okay, I’m not even gonna deny it. I was definitely one of those Pikachu players that when I started to lose, would start Thunderbolting other people relentlessly. But bottom line, you really haven’t lived until you’ve played Super Smash Bros. for the N64.

5. Pokémon Snap

FanFest's Nintendo 64 Game Bucket List

After being a fan of the TV show, having a Pokémon game for the N64 was absolutely amazing. Also, it was incredibly different from the Gameboy games. Instead of catching Pokémon, you got to snap some photos of them in their natural habitats! An added thing to the game was the ability to throw apples at the Pokémon, so you could take a super cute photo of them snacking away… or a smoke ball to get them to come out of hiding and a Poke flute to awake the sleepers!

4. Donkey Kong 64

FanFest's Nintendo 64 Game Bucket List

Rather than just throwing people off the ledge like in Super Smash Bros., it was pretty cool to have Donkey Kong in his own game. This game was full of so many fun adventures, and it was also fun to be able to play as different members of the Kong family.

3. Mario Kart 64

FanFest's Nintendo 64 Game Bucket List

Get outta my way, I’ve got a race to win!! Mario Kart 64 was definitely one of the more fun and exciting competitive games for all ages. Whether you were a kid or an adult, you couldn’t deny the amount of pure joy and fun that came from playing this game.

2. Golden Eye 007

FanFest's Nintendo 64 Game Bucket List

This was probably my brothers favorite game growing up. James Bond’s life style right at your finger tips?? How cool!! This game will definitely go down in N64 history as a classic.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

FanFest's Nintendo 64 Game Bucket List

This has got to be one of my absolute favorite N64 games that have ever existed. When this game first came out, I remembered being absolutely amazed by these graphics. This was the game that set the tone for the Zelda universe, and it is still highly popular amongst fans today. I’ve seen copies of this game for the N64 go for prices as high as $129!


So what was some of your favorite N64 games growing up?? Tell us in the comments below!!

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