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Gal Gadot on Wonder Woman – ‘She’s a Feminist, of course’

It’s just reminding everyone how things should be. I wanted to play the fish out of water but I didn’t want to play her too silly.’

Gal Gadot spoke recently with EW about Wonder Woman and how she found the balance between a woman falling in love and staying strong in the same breath. This was made easier by both Gal and Chris Pine’s attitudes towards the characters they played and how important their roles were, especially in society today.

In some hero stories, there’s someone broken who must be saved, but in Wonder Woman, Steven Trevor – played by Chris Pine – isn’t a damsel, nor does he take on a role of control. Gal says it was important for them to have an equal relationship.

We didn’t want to make Steve the damsel in distress, and we wanted them to have a very equal relationship, If she falls in love with him, then he should be someone that every woman falls in love with.’

On the topic of equality, feminism was brought up, and of course, Wonder Woman is a feminist was Gal’s response. She is a strong woman, she’s brave, she fights for what’s right and she wants to be equal with the men in this society she’s trying to figure out. It may not be a loud scream of feminism, but the role is a woman who wants equality falling in love with a man who supports it.

Wonder Woman is a feminist, of course. I think people have a misconception about what feminism is. People think hairy armpits and women who burn bras and hate men. That’s not it. For me, feminism is all about equality and freedom and women choosing what we want to do. If it’s salaries, then we get paid equal to men. It’s not men vs. women or women vs. men.

She went on to talk about how she channeled that as she played the role of Wonder Woman.

It was important to me that my character would never come and preach about how men should treat women. Or how women should perceive themselves. It was more about playing oblivious to society’s rules. ‘What do you mean women can’t go into the Parliament? Why?

We’re looking forward to seeing how Gal translated that into her role, especially on top of her coming from a completely different world to not only see war being waged, but a lack of power seen in women.

The first reviews of Wonder Woman are coming through and they’re saying good things, obviously the way that Gal and Chris Pine played their roles left an impact on fans. We anticipate seeing a bit of humor, shows of strength and equality, and a true hero shining through in this film, and we’re excited to watch it when it premieres soon.

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