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Mo Collins Talks ‘Fear The Walking Dead’, A Choice Weapon For Sarah, and Past Characters

Published on October 29th, 2019 | Updated on October 29th, 2019 | By FanFest

For years, fans have enjoyed Mo Collins in various shows such as Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation, and MadTV. Last weekend at WSC Atlanta, Mo Collins took some time to reveal to us what she wants for Sarah this upcoming season and Sarah’s thoughts after an intense season finale.  She revealed what her hopes are for Sarah’s character development, her choice of weapon for Sarah, and what past character she would love to play on the show. We also talked about which past characters of hers would survive the apocalypse as well.

Michelle Patterson:  I’m Michelle with FanFest.

Mo Collins: Hello!

MP: Hi! I met you last year too so I’m excited about the interview.

MC: Cool, cool.

MP: My first question is how much trouble do you think Sarah is going to stir up to get Wendell back in her presence?

Mo Collins - FTWD Panel - WSCATL 2019
Mo Collins – FTWD Panel – WSCATL 2019 – Photo By: Michelle Patterson

MC: Well, I can tell you what I hope.  I hope she stirs up a lot of trouble.  I don’t know anything about what they are going to do, but from where I sit or stand as Sarah she’s upset.  And being away from her brother that’s pretty, pretty intense.  So I hope that the situation continues to be intense as far as her effort– because I just can’t picture Sarah not being so preoccupied, if nothing else, about how to get back to Wendell.  And concern.  Just genuine concern for him and knowing who Virginia is it’s like– If it’s me I’m gonna fight like hell.

MP:  Exactly.  I heard your answer on The Talking Dead of that horror story of when you think he’s [Wendell] going to die and you’re sitting there and watching it.  I was with you a hundred percent on your feelings during that scene.

MC:  Oh my God.  Reading the script I was like oh no, no, no. I had to put it down ya know and I was like do I contact Chill.  Is there something I don’t know here?

MP: Could you give me a heads up this isn’t happening? [laughs]

MC: Yeah, yeah.  Even shooting it then too…just the thought of it kinda makes me sick.  You know what I mean?  It gets so real.

MP:  It got real, real quick.

MC: I know, yeah.

MP: Is there anything, in particular, you hope to see for Sarah next season?

MC: I like it when they take Sarah to new places.  Such as in 5×13 when one of my favorite scenes for Sarah of all time was popping out of the fridge.  Love that because it’s comedy and intense drama at the same time.  But we also in that scene got to see how unhinged she can be in a moment too.  Which I like that element of her, being like, what’s she gonna do? Especially as we go into this next phase you know?

I’d like to see more of…more of that like more of like what is Sarah going to do.  I’d like there to be more surprises like that.  I like the depth they took her to I want to see more of that.  We don’t know much about her backstory I’d certainly love to know a little bit more of that.  To know who the h— I am. [laughs]

Mo Collins - FTWD Panel - WSCATL 2019
Mo Collins – FTWD Panel – WSCATL 2019 – Photo By: Michelle Patterson

MP: Is there any backstory you kind have in your mind?

MC: Of course. There are things just about uh…you know that my brain. I almost don’t want to say them out loud cause what if they’re not true.  But yeah there are things I hold true to her for me as I step into her boots.

MP: While Sarah has become dependent on the rig if you could give her any kind of weapon to yield what weapon do you think she would gravitate toward?

MC: Well, she’s got her tire iron, which I like cause it’s also a good tool. I’d like an animal.  I’d like a crow.

MP: Just have him sit on your shoulder and be like okay there you go.

MC: I think Sarah is a lot like a crow in all the best ways.  I’d like a crow.

MP: While we are all hoping Morgan is not gone, if he is dead who do think would potentially become the new leader of that group?

MC: Sarah.  Um, wow, too quick?

MP:  It’s like I volunteer for tribute!

MC: Yeah. Um, let’s see. Who can walk softly and carry a big stick?  Those are shoes that are tough to fill.  I wouldn’t even want to suggest anybody–  I wouldn’t want to put any pres on…I don’t know.  Some people are irreplaceable.  The legacy just lives on.  As Madison, it’s like you know…they still carry on.  There is no filling of shoes.  Everybody has their own shoes.  There are just new leaders that emerge.  But never to be forgotten are the ones that stepped in and stepped up and lead the way.  Never to be forgotten.

MP: Dwight made a remark in the season finale where he compared Virginia to Negan.  What similarities or differences do you see between the two?

Mo Collins - FTWD Panel - WSCATL 2019
Mo Collins – FTWD Panel – WSCATL 2019 – Photo By: Michelle Patterson

MC: Women are cunning.  Women are deceiving.  These are all good traits.  There’s something about a woman leader like that…that is trickier.  Harder to break.  Definitely harder to break because we’re women.  Harder to break.

MP: That was one of the things I was telling someone else recently. I feel like she’s more conniving and she has put on this complete of I’m awesome, everything is gonna be good.

MC: Smiley face.  Yeah…yeah.

MP: And she truly has you…I can understand why would buy into her more than they bought into Negan even.

MC: Yeah, women can be tricky so it’s a great place for her to be.

MP: That is frightening.

MC: It is frightening.  That’s the deception you just don’t know sometimes. Is she sweet? Is she going to bite my head off?

MP: Is she going to be nice to me today?  Or is she going to kill me today?

MC: Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

MP: And my last question is if you could play any of your other characters on Fear The Walking Dead–

MC: Oh my god, what a great question!

MP: Who would you play?

Mo Collins - FTWD Panel - WSCATL 2019
Mo Collins – FTWD Panel – WSCATL 2019 – Photo By: Michelle Patterson

MC: Oh Lorraine.  Yeah, she would annoy the walkers away.  She wouldn’t even have to kill them in the brain.  They’d be like nah. She’d be like [goes into Lorraine impression with the signature clearing of her throat] Where ya going? you know?  They wouldn’t want any part of her.  Nobody wants to bite into Lorraine  She’s too much of a commitment.

MP: Do you think Stuart and…

MC: Doreen.

MP: Yeah.  Do you think they could have survived the apocalypse?

MC: No.  No, I don’t. He’d be like let me go.  Down on the ground, you’re going to get eaten.  He wouldn’t last two seconds.  Joan Callamezzo…she’d last.  But, yeah…Lorraine would be interesting.   She walks like a walker half the time.

MP: That’s true.  She’d have a good cover more so than anybody else.

MC: They’d be like she’s already dead isn’t she?

MP: We don’t have to mess with her.

MC: That’s a walker right?  Hilarious.  Great question, I love that.

MP: Thank you and I really appreciate you taking your time to talk to us today.

MC: No worries, sure thing.

Thank you once more for taking the time out of your schedule to chat with us, Ms. Collins! Make sure to look out for the official premiere date for season six of Fear The Walking Dead coming in 2020. You can also catch her next year in My Babysitter the Super Hero as well.

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