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Friday Mixology: The Deadpool Cocktail

Published on July 10th, 2020 | Updated on July 10th, 2020 | By FanFest

This post is for those 21 and older! If that ain’t you, then move on!

Well, it’s Friday!  Everyone hopefully has some weekend plans, such as traveling from your home office to your kitchen or possibly even your backyard, if you’ve got one!  Or maybe you love wearing masks like your favorite superheroes? We’ve got the cocktail for you in this edition of Friday Mixology!

This weekend’s drink comes from blogger, @Lou_The_Bartender.  Lou’s known for some amazingly beautify drinks, both in taste and visuals.  This week’s drink is the ‘Deadpool Cocktail.’

The Deadpool Cocktail is made up of two layers to highlight Deadpool’s two colors: black and red.

Here’s what’s in each layer.

Black layer-
Lemon lime soda
Triple sec
Citron vodka
Black food coloring

Red layer-
Fruit punch
Strawberry Gatorade
Raspberry rum
White rum
Black and red sugar garnish on lemon.


Let us know if you take a stab at making one of these and tag us if you do!

You can follow @Lou_The_Bartender on Instagram and Facebook!

Stay safe and drink responsibly!

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