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Franz Drameh Exits ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Franz Drameh Exits Legends of Tomorrow

During the mid-season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, Jax was struggling with the passing of Stein and no longer being apart of Firestorm. It therefore came as no surprise that he decides to leave the Waverider. For Jax, he needs to be away from everything for a bit and have his own adventure, but it has now been confirmed that actor Franz Drameh is leaving the show.

Jax had been trying to get a grasp on how he would deal with life after Firestorm leading up to the ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ crossover event that claimed Stein’s life. But when it was just the thought of Stein leaving and being with his family, them being apart didn’t really seem so bad. He would at least still be around.

Stein’s final wish was for Jax to live his life to the fullest and he is going to do just that. Drameh’s departure doesn’t necessarily mean that Jax is gone for good, though. He has stepped down as a series regular, but there is always the opportunity for him to appear as a guest star. Being a Legend meant a lot for Jax, so it is hard to see him giving up the life for good. Perhaps he’ll make his triumphant return at the end of the season.

Drameh took to Twitter following the episode to address Jax’s departure.

Legends of Tomorrow is currently on winter hiatus and will return with new episodes in January.

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