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Frank Castle Delivers Important Message in new ‘The Punisher’ Trailer

Frank Castle is taking no crap and he made sure fans knew just that in the newest teaser for Netflix’s The Punisher. While we still have no official release date for the series and knowledge is being left on a need to know basis – aka the fans are largely kept in the dark – the entire situation is extremely entertaining.

From cryptic messages on Twitter to teasers and first looks, we all feel as if we’re on a journey alongside Castle himself and it’s going to be a lengthy and action-packed one.

In fact, that new teaser posted today only served to show how Castle is on a mission fueled by vengeance and he’s not stopping until he takes down those who have wronged him.

We may not know who the ‘you’ in the teaser is but after seeing him take down soldiers, who are trained to hunt, without breaking a sweat, and then breaking someone’s neck after promising to continue his mission – we’d be terrified to be on his bad side.

If you are brave enough to challenge Castle, you should check out the official Twitter for The Punisher, there’s some serious snark coming from his camp and we are eating it up.

The Punisher is set to hit Netflix sometime this fall, so keep an eye out, and we’d recommend sleeping with one open as well.