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‘Fortnite’ Season 8 Challenges – Week 5!

Published on April 1st, 2019 | Updated on April 1st, 2019 | By FanFest

What is up Fortniters? It is that time again! I am a little bit late this week, but still in time to give you hopefully a little help with getting those last few battlestars. Let’s jump right in!

Free Challenges

  • Get 200 damage with scoped weapons

Pretty simple and thankfully has nothing to do with actual eliminations. Just find a weapon with a scope and start shooting at people. The best option I have found is and will always be a scoped assault rifle, and if you can find one with a thermal scope that is even better. Scoped assaults do not suffer from bullet drop or bolt action reloading after every shot, so it makes life easier.

  • Search seven chests at Paradise Palms or Shifty Shafts

Another returning challenge. The best way to accomplish any of this type of challenge is dropping straight down into the area above and looting. In my opinion, you are going to find the most chests in Paradise Palms, but more people will be dropping there. Play in a Team mode to make exploring for chests less dangerous.

  • Complete a lap of the Race Track in Happy Hamlet

Just west of Happy Hamlet is a little race track. Your objective is quite simple, just race around the track in one of the provided Ballers (you can bring your own) and you are done. Quick tips though, you have to wait for the countdown to finish in order to race. After that, the rings will pop up to pass through. It should be smooth sailing from there on.

Paid Challenges

  • Get fifteen bounces in a single throw with the bouncy ball toy

You do have to be at tier 26 of the Battle Pass in order to use this, which is under the emote tab so you have to equip it. Once you do that I have one simple suggestion, go inside somewhere. A bathroom or closet would be the best spot. As the ball is quite bouncy you will get this easily. If you do not land in an area with any rooms, build your own! This one should be a one and done, unlike the hockey puck from last season where you had to find the right spot.

  • Use a Volcano vent, a zipline, and a vehicle in the same match

While this one can be hard depending on how you try to do it, it should not be that tough if you go to the right place. If you drop down towards Retail Row, there are several Volcano vents north. You can hit one of them on the way down, which can boost you towards several ziplines. If you take one of them, heading north, you also should be in the vicinity southwest of the volcano around one of the expedition outposts which houses several Ballers. Look at that, you got this one and barely touched the ground.

  • Eliminate three opponents at Pirate Camps

One of the new things added to the map this season are Pirate Camps, and the good thing is there are seven of them. For this challenge, it is always good to play in a Team Rumble type mode given you can respawn. Just drop down, loot up, go to a Pirate Camp, and destroy your enemies. If you are like me you die and drop right back down to the same spot, only for the same guy to kill you. A head’s up, if you use a sniper or mounted gun to kill someone far away, it still counts if you are in the Pirate Camp.


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