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‘Fortnite’ Season 8 Challenges – Week 4!

Published on March 26th, 2019 | Updated on March 25th, 2019 | By FanFest

What is going on Fortniters? It might be a little late, but I have your rundown on the week 4 challenges for season 8! Let’s get right into it!

Free Challenges

  • (Stages) Land at Tilted Towers

As we say, another week, another stage challenge. Just like every other one, this one is pretty easy. Start off by landing at Tilted Towers, even though you are probably going to “take the L” on that one. After that follow it up with Junk Junction, Retail Row, Happy Hamlet, and finally Pleasant Park. Just make sure you do each in a separate match. Will not work otherwise.

  • Use the Baller five times in different matches

Another one that is easy enough. Just find a Baller vehicle (the hamster ball looking thing) somewhere and all you have to do is get in, maybe rev the engine. Doing this in a team mode makes the most sense because it is easier to grab one without interference. Otherwise, keep on lookout for the old expedition outposts. There seem to be plenty there.

  • Get an elimination with a scoped weapon and a supressed weapon

Wonderful, another elimination challenge. Thankfully this one is not as tough, as you can grab any scoped weapon. My preference would be a thermal scoped assault rifle. The second kill you have to get is a suppressed one, and people always seem to forget the silenced pistol. It may not do the most damage, but you can certainly get off quite a few shots quickly.

Paid Challenges

  • Launch yourself through 25 structures with a pirate cannon

This one is actually a bit tougher than you would think. A Team mode would definitely be the way to go in order to have the time to explore. However, my brother and I found you must destroy already existing structures on the map. We also found you have to smash completely through a wall, floor, or ceiling in order for it to count. No smacking into something and stopping there, even if you break it on impact.

  • Search Two Buried Treasures

This one stinks because there is nowhere to specifically search for this. Buried treasure is simply an item you find. Hopefully you manage to find two quickly. This may be a good challenge to use the “Party Assist” on.

  • Eliminate three opponents at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park

The three opponents in specific places challenge returns. Just drop down at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park and start shooting. A Team mode is sometimes easier, but you are not guaranteed the circle will find itself around said locations. Dropping into one of these solo is easiest because of instant kills, but duos would not be too bad.

  • (Stages) Outlast 60 opponents in a single match

We get two stage challenges this week. Just survive and make it into the final forty, then thirty, then twenty. Just so you know, you will be outlasting seventy and then eighty foes. The best thing to do is drop in on the outskirts of the circle and see if you can hide for a moment to get yourself up the leaderboard. Just remember, if you die early, even if a squadmate survived he cannot carry you there. Your spot is marked.


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