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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Recap: “Welcome To The Club”

Published on October 18th, 2020 | Updated on October 18th, 2020 | By FanFest

Fear The Walking Dead: “Welcome To The Club”


Fear The Walking Dead is back and ready to catch us up with the rest of the crew. After catching up with Morgan last week, this episode sees us catching up with the rest of the gang. Though, the episodes opens with some weird stuff. It gives us a clear view of what awaits those who defy Victoria, and the weird challenge is cut short when everyone winds up dead, save one prisoner. The sequence with the walkers dragging everyone underneath the door was appropriately gory though, and a great way to set the tone for the episode.

The episode then sees us finally us catch Strand and Alicia. They’re literally shoveling shit and after being harassed by Victoria’s rangers, in Strand’s armored car no less. Virginia doesn’t take so kindly to that and send them to the camp where everyone died at the beginning. We should quickly mention that Daniel makes an appearance as Virigina’s hair cutter. He’s changed though, terrified and acting like he doesn’t know them. You’d think if he can magically survive fires he could handle this.

At this camp, the main characters are given the task of cleaning out the little garage where everyone was eaten, but they also meet up with Charlie and Janice.  Together they start making plans to escape.

While cleaning with the one who escaped the carnage at the beginning of the episode we learn the zombies are covered in molasses. It makes the zombies sticky, and harder to get away from. Alicia isn’t on board to overthrow the camp, worried about what could happen. They find Dakota though, a young girl who helped them with the rangers. She’s revealed as Dakota’s sister.

She warns them of what will happen if they kill the rangers and escape Virginia. We also find out that there’s a weapon in that door, though we don’t find out what that is yet. That becomes their new endgame though: acquiring the weapon to use against Virginia. To prove she hears everything that goes on, Dakota reveals she heard Strand make a deal with Virginia, upsetting Alicia.

After some arguing, the pair decide to go with the ‘getting the weapon’ plan. They use an ingenious plan to herd walkers on a straight path, where they shank them and pile them up as they exit the garage. The plan works well for some time, but eventually, they start falling over themselves and breaking the barrier. Charlie is grabbed and Alicia and Strand act quickly to save her but it’s Dakota who ends up saving her.

Some rangers catch her and radio for help, and this starts a race to try and clear the walkers before Virginia arrives. There’s too many though, and the rangers end up dead with Alicia’s group barely holding them back. Strand tries to get them a gun to save them but his plan ends up mildly psychotic. He stabs Sanjay, the survivor from the beginning, and kicks him to the walkers, leaving him to die and clearing the walkers so the group can acquire guns, which easily turns the tide and they finish the walkers off.

Strand lies, claiming that Sanjay sacrificed himself to save them. They find no weapon and Virginia arrives to reclaim her sister. It’s also revealed the whole thing was a test. Virginia wanted them to clear the place out, do something that no one else could. She claims it’s the beginning of her army. Strand becomes the leader of said army, and hands her a key, claiming when she calls Strand and then better come.

We then shift to Daniel giving Charlie a haircut. Daniel maintains that he doesn’t remember her, surprising Charlie. She plays a banjo for Daniel, hoping to remind him but he still shows no reaction. Strand reassigns Alicia somewhere else. He’s sending her away so that Alicia can’t remind him of the person he is. Because he has to do things he doesn’t want her to see, so he can keep her safe. He gives her the necklace that Daniel gave him earlier in the episode and leaves her with the rangers to be reassigned.

Strand runs into Daniel as the episode ends and tells him he wishes he could forget like Daniel has. As Daniel is riding off with a ranger he claims he left his good scissors inside and sends him to get them. He whistles and gets a reply. A man kills a walker, who is then revealed to be Morgan. Together they shake hands and intend to take Virginia down.

All-in-all, not a bad Fear The Walking Dead episode. I wasn’t sure I’d be as into it as I am, but it keeps me coming back. I have to admit I’m really excited to see what Morgan’s plan ends up being. Coleman Domingo really stood out this episode as a high point, and I’ve always enjoyed the aspects he’s tapping into. Going to the dark side to protect the people he cares about can make for some incredibly compelling story if done right. We also, finally, got to see a lot more of how Virginia works and she actually kind of reminds me of the Governor. Would be interesting to see those two square off.

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