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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Recap: Weak

Season 4 episode twelve of Fear The Walking Dead brought several themes with it. It’s entitled Weak, which is in reference to several events and characters during the episode.

It’s one of those that leaves you feeling sort of weak as well. It’s one thing after another.

It begins with June and Althea trying to get by day to day by living out of the van. June obsessively watches John’s story video on Althea’s camera until she kills the battery.

A few moments are included where June reflects on her love for John and admires the way he confidently continued his search for her. She steps outside and asks him on the radio “How did you know? How did you believe?” as hope of finding him a second time slips away.

'Fear The Walking Dead' Recap: Weak
Ryan Green/AMC

She tries to convince Althea to move on from the van because they keep hearing fuzzy voices over the walkie talkie, and June is set on getting a better signal It seems to be a lost cause. Meanwhile, Althea develops flu-like symptoms and weakens before both of their eyes. They run out of water, so they hit the road to find better service.

As soon as they’re out of sight of the truck, somebody steals it and whips by.

Another struggle ensues with the two women. Althea wants the truck back but is too weak to get it. She tells June thre are antibiotics in it. If anything could get June to go, it’s with the drive to save a life.

June gets to the van and has an encounter with the thief. They have a battle at gunpoint an eventually June wins, but not without giving him a lesson in morality and trust. He thinks she’d turn on him. June tries to convince him otherwise. She lets him go, and tears the truck apart looking for medicine.

After Althea’s weakened state puts her head to head with a crawling walker, she’s able to radio June only to say “There are no meds in the van. I just wanted the van.”

What can you say? The girl loves her van. It’s a pretty sweet van.
That’s not the only reason she wants it so badly, though, which she later admits to June. She says the reason she needs the truck is because the stories of people she knew and loved were on it and she can’t bring herself to leave them behind. Her values in the apocalypse are a bit different than that of June’s, but even June knows she can’t get mad at Althea for wanting to preserve stories of people who lived before the world tipped upside down.

The women finally get service from the radio, and Morgan is able to get out one last location before theirs dies.

June decides to go find him, but Althea says she can’t leave the truck-now out of diesel. They both begin on in their separate directions, until a gun shot rings out behind June’s truck. Althea has decided to leave the van, finally.

The two are able to find Morgan and his new truck stop friends who refer to him as “Mo Mo.”

'Fear The Walking Dead' Recap: Weak
Ryan Green/AMC

June’s final move is to radio the van thief she had previously let go. He thinks he’s at the right place, but then is suddenly attacked by a walker that belongs to an old woman who is living in the woods alone. She’s the same woman who Morgan offers help to earlier, to which she replies, “I’m not weak.”

It seems she’s the one messing with all the nearby radio signals to her own devilish and very strange benefit. She keeps walkers, and then gets new ones to use to her benefit. There’s always the weird one.

As she lets the guy, Quinn (we find out his name the last time June speaks to him on the walkie) turn into a walker, she says to him, “Now you won’t be weak anymore.”

This episode is directed by Colman Domingo, who is usually Strand, and he really did a fabulous job.

'Fear The Walking Dead' Recap: Weak
Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan had a few stand out moments this episode including his smile after a sip of the sweet nectar we know as coffee. He also had a few quiet moments to himself that really added to the episode.

Jenna Elfman and Maggie Grace both kill it in this episode. Their scenes together are fascinating, and the difference between characters must be fun for both of them to play off of.

Tonya Pinkins plays “Filthy Woman” so well that I was genuinely creeped out by her entire character. I’m hoping it’s the last we see of her, but something tells me I’m wrong.

Will we ever see Althea’s sweet van again? Will Morgan, June and Althea reunite with John, Strand and Luciana?

We’ll see where the journey takes us in Fear The Walking Dead episode 413 next Sunday on AMC!