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‘Fear the Walking Dead’: “Buried” Gives Fans Another Shocker!

Published on May 7th, 2018 | Updated on May 7th, 2018 | By FanFest

***Warning, SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT, If you have not yet watched the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead and DO NOT want to know what happens before watching, TURN BACK NOW.***

Fight or Flight? If you were given that choice, would it be hard for you to choose? Should you make a stand and fight for everything you have built and everyone that is important to you, or, should you run knowing that it will give you the best odds at survival, leaving everyone you cared about behind? Fight or Flight was the choices given to our survivors in this week’s episode of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead and you may be surprised to see what they choose.

Victor, Alicia and Luciana decide to tell Al their stories while on their way to bury Nick. They focus on one particular day and how each of their choices, changed everything.

With the Vultures still waiting in the parking lot, our group had to begin rationing and stretching out food with cattle feed. Madison thinks up a plan to start looking in not-so-obvious places for food. Three groups go on separate runs; Victor and Cole, Luciana and Nick and Alicia and Naomi.

Continuing to play with the “before” and “now” timelines, in the now, Victor makes the statement,

“Goin’ on runs that day…that was our first misstep.”


Victor and Cole scavenge through a nursery finding some cacti and succulents. Victor goes off to find a cart. This alerts some gnarly needle-faced infected but they both manage to fight them off. After taking their haul and driving back, Victor tells Cole and he has done things that he isn’t proud of. He shows him the rock he carries with him and that it reminds him of the person he no longer wants to be. Victor stops at a car lot and shows Cole the stockpile he has been collecting since the crops began to fail. He tells Cole that there are enough provisions for two people for about a month. (Just when we put down our walls and let him in again, Strand finds another way to punch us all in the gut once more!) Cole tells him that what he is doing is wrong because there are people in need at the stadium. Victor tells him that all the things he did were for self-preservation and he will do what he has to in order to live as he has done before. Cole heads back, alone, while Victor sit in the car and struggles with his demons.

Richard Foreman, Jr./AMC

Luciana and Nick stop at a library. Knowing that a library usually doesn’t carry food on hand, Luciana is confused as to why Nick feels the need to take books back. He believes that people need to fight for more than just food and she realizes that he is thinking about Charlie. She wants to help her but not that way Nick wants to. She tries to convince him that Charlie can still see the truth about the Vultures the way she did about the Colonia. (Well we know how well they “helped” her from the last episode…RIP Nick!) Nick puts down an infected librarian. They notice that it took its own life. Luciana picks up a map book. She tells Nick that they should go and start over someplace new. Nick asks, where? Luciana shows him the book and tells him that they will go to the first page they open the book to. They open the map book. North…Luciana asks questions but Nick thinks of another plan.

Alicia and Naomi make it to a water park and bond about churros. Alicia takes note that Naomi knows a lot about cars after coming across an abandoned truck and stating that it has good gas mileage but Naomi denies it. They realize that whoever occupied the water park, sought refuge at the top of the water slide. The only way up is through the slide itself. Wadding through the mossy pool, the duo fight off some infected and narrowly make it to the slide. (This had my heart racing) Having made it to the top, they begin to look around and are surprised by a couple of infected. This sends them down a second slide and into the water park toilet bowl from hell or a real-life zombified version of Shutes and Ladders, take your pick. Naomi fights for her life and is saved by Alicia. They make it back to the top of the slide where Alicia finds medical supplies. Naomi finds the keys to the truck. She distracts Alicia and decides to run. Alicia catches up to her. Alicia tells her that she tried to run once before but realized that it was not what she wanted. Naomi just has no more fight left in her. Upon finding gas, Naomi tells Alicia that the stadium is not going to last and to start thinking about their next step. Alicia promises to talk to Madison.

Richard Foreman, Jr./AMC

Back to the stadium, Madison greets Cole who has returned alone. With fear in her voice, she asks for Victor. Before Cole could answer, Victor drives in with the provisions he stock-piled. He doesn’t confess to Madison who praises he good efforts.

Nick and Luciana return with a plan to head north to find seeds and fertilizer in order to replant and rebuild the stadium. Madison is all for his plan and sets off to tell the others.

Alicia returns with Naomi who has plans of setting up an infirmary with Alicia’s help.


Al is taping the interviews, we get a little bit more of John’s backstory. He tells Morgan that he was a cop and that he knows that as soon as they bury Nick, he will be on his way. John insists that he will find Laura and wants them to meet each other. Morgan confirms that he will leave after Nick is buried and says that he’s better on his own.

After listening to their above stories, Al asks, “why is that the day everything changed?” since they decided to go back and fight. They each respond:


“We should have talked my mom into leaving…But we wanted to believe. That’s why my brother is dead.”


“I should have followed my gut. I should have kept that car secret…But I wanted to be a better person. That’s why my friend is dead.”


“We should have flipped to another page. We should have found someplace else to go…But we wanted to stay. That’s why Nick is dead. We could have stopped it all.”

They come to a stop. Strand, Alicia and Luciana begin to dig. Al, John and Morgan believe that they have stopped to bury Nick but in reality, they have stopped to dig up an arsenal and supplies that has been hidden in the field. Al comes to the conclusion that they used her. She believes that their stories were fabricated but Luciana tells her they were true. Alicia lures Al into joining them by stating that there is much more to their story. John tries to convince her to help him continue his search for Laura but to no avail. She tells them to load the van.

Morgan reminds them of their intentions to bury Nick and they agree to bury him there. Nick is buried under a tree. Morgan honors him by leaving Nick’s sprig of Bluebonnet on his grave.

While loading the van, John notices one of the backpacks and asks where they got it from. Strand informs him that they took what they could from the stadium when things went bad. He tells them that it belonged to Laura. – A flashback reveals that the backpack belonged to Naomi. Upon their return to the stadium, she opens it and takes out the a gun with the initials “J.D.” It matches John’s gun. – John opens up the bag and pulls out the matching pistol. He asks for her and Luciana tells him she didn’t make it out of the stadium. Alicia selfishly tells him that Naomi is dead hoping that he will join their fight against the Vultures. He tells them to leave.

My heart once again stopped! But what will this do to John?

Richard Foreman, Jr./AMC

Morgan stays behind with John who tells him that he was right that people are always on their own.

WOW…another heartbreaking loss. I was really happy when Jenna Elfman announced she was joining the cast. I had hoped that it would be for a while. What I am really enjoying about this time thing that AMC is toying with, is that just because a character dies, it doesn’t mean that it’s the last we will see of them. Nick is clearly dead and buried, literally, but he was very much in this episode and we still have to find out what happened that made him so blinded with rage. We also got a glimpse that next week’s episode will focus on John and Naomi. Maybe we will finally find out why Naomi seems so lost and broken. I can’t wait!

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday at 9 pm on AMC.



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