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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Recap: “Bury Her Next To Jasper’s Leg”

This episode of Fear The Walking Dead opens up to a woman running through the woods, unsurprisingly from Virginia (Colby Minifie). She trips and Ginny and her people catch up to her. Ginny suspects her of being one of the people who has been spray painting the trees. The woman has nothing to say, though. As  Ginny threatens her the woman starts smiling, pissing Ginny off. As they prepare to take her back to Lawton the woman steals a gun and then kills herself. Ginny tells them to bury her next to Jasper’s leg.

The scene shifts to another location with radios constantly going off. It shifts to another group, which includes Sarah(Mo Collins) and June (Jenna Elfman), escaping walkers. They lay him down to take at him. They realize they need to take his appendix out. Malcolm ends up not making it and Malcolm turns into a walker. He attacks and Sarah saves June.

After they bury him the two share a drink. Sarah suggests building a hospital but June claims Ginny would never go for it. John is on his way to them and picks them up, leaving June to ride with him. June’s taking Malcolm’s death hard. John suggests leaving. He brings up Janis’ plan. The two argue over whether or not they should escape. Before they settle anything they’re called to somewhere else where an accident happened. John still insists once they complete what they have to do they escape.

They arrive at the tunnel to find many people fleeing.  There’s smoke everywhere and several people have burns. There was an explosion while drilling for a new well. There are still at least twenty-five people trapped inside, and June wants to send a truck in to get them. Virginia shows up though. Virginia insists on going in with June to save everyone, and she takes control of the situation. John doesn’t want June going in but she wants to help.

They arrive at the site and it’s literally raining oil everywhere. They form a plan to grab the survivors and leave. Luciana tells Virginia that the well could spew oil for months, maybe years. She also tells Ginny they’re going to save the workers and then have a chat. Virginia is convinced it was sabotage and June tells them they’re not going to find out what happened if they don’t save these people. They find Wes with shrapnel in his stomach and Virginia saves Wes and June from a walker. Someone put blades on the walker’s arm so it would cause more damage. Ginny radio’s for Luciana to come back.

Ginny is fine leaving some people behind but June insists that everyone comes. June wants to start helping people but Ginny is insistent on talking to people right then and there. Ginny’s people show up having found cans of spray paint in Wes’s bunk. Ginny starts interrogating him, claiming the pain will stop if he answers her questions. She starts torturing him for answers. June sedates him, pissing Ginny off. They return to the truck to find it full of walkers, and all the workers have turned. June and Ginny kill the walkers as Luciana loads Wes up. The tanks finally explode just as Luciana escapes with the truck. Ginny and June end up trapped in a building. Viriginia immediately is attacked and is bitten on the hand.

She talks to her people on the radio, then smashes it when she doesn’t like what she hears. Virginia comes up with a plan to cut her hand off but June takes the axe away. She intends on letting Ginny turn for causing those people to die. She talks people through how to help Wes as Virginia pleads for her life. When Virginia realizes June isn’t going to change her mind she asks for a favor. She pleads with June to keep Dakoda safe. June does change her mind though, and takes Virginia’s hand right off.

June questions Ginny about what she knows and Ginny tells them that they’ll talk. Before they can really settle anything John shows up though. John gets them out of there. The first thing Ginny asks for is for her men to get Dakoda on the radio.

Wes wakes up in the truck, and it looks like he’ll be fine. Everyone questions on why she saved Ginny’s life. She tells them she saved Ginny’s life because Ginny is giving her the hospital when wanted.  Then, Sarah is reunited with Wendell.

John is ready to escape, he’s ready to go but June doesn’t want to leave anymore. June is convinced that because this other group is dangerous things can change. John still doesn’t think he can stay but tells June he’ll be following behind them. On the drive there though he splits up from the truck.

Fear The Walking Dead seems to be building up to some kind of confrontation with this mysterious group. Here’s hoping it doesn’t disappoint, and that John comes back to help out. We’ll catch you here for next week’s Fear The Walking Dead recap, too!

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