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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Recap ‘Captive’

On this past episode of
‘Fear the Walking Dead’, our survivors
find out that there are real
consequences to their actions more than
ever before
as new threats make themselves known. Up until now, finding a
way to live in a
world of
flesh-eating monsters was the group’s biggest problem, now they learn
people are just as dangerous. Of
course, it’s something we know far too
well, but it is interesting to see
which members of this group are
stepping up
to do what’s necessary in order to survive.

After last
kidnapping of Alicia
and Travis by Connor and his gang of Peter Pan wanna-bes,
Madison and Daniel
quickly put a plan together in
order to try and get them
back. Putting together the information they have,
and what little Daniel was

able to glean from a very injured and surley Reed, Madison points the
Abigail in
the right direction.
While Daniel is questioning Reed, Chris lurks angrily in
the background.
When Daniel tells him to stay away
from Reed, he says he just
wants to help and offers to guard the


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and Travis are taken to an old
docked tuna boat. Travis is thrown in the brig, and Alicia is taken to
Connor, who ends up
cooking her a steak. They chat briefly before he is called
away, and Jack
takes her on a tour of the boat. He
tells her how everyone on the
boat has a job, and her job will be to monitor
the radar and look for other

boats. Alicia realizes that a boat incoming is the Abigal and that if it is

returning already, there was
no way her family was taken to shore.

Travis is locked up,
he’s approached by Alex, the girl
from the raft that
Strand cut loose. After having to kill her companion and
being adrift, she was
by Connor and offered up intel on the Abigal in order to get a place on
boat. While Alex and Travis have
their therapy session in the brig, Jack
promises to get them free of Connor,
and lets Alicia go talk to
Travis about
escaping. He tells her to get out if she can, don’t worry
about him if it comes
down to

Connor makes contact with the Abigal thinking its his people,
is thrown for a loop when
Madison returns his call. She breaks it down
simply, all the others are
dead, but brother Reed is still
alive. Even trade…
Reed for Travis and Alicia. Connor accepts, and rather
quickly. Jack and Alicia
trying to put their own plan together, unaware that her real rescue is

already waiting

Madison gets ready to go and retrieve Travis and
Alicia, and
a gun goes off. Chris claims
that Reed had died from his injuries
and was about to turn. Bad timing, huh?
Nick and Ofelia go into the room
clean up the mess that Reed’s face made all over the wall. However, it
out Chris was a lousy
shot and missed Reed’s brain, because right when they
went to move the
body, he turns. Daniel gets the
bright idea to disguise Reed
with a hood over his head and arms bound behind



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When the
exchange goes down,
all seems to be going as planned except for Alicia’s
absence. As soon as
gets Travis back and frees him, Connor unmasks his deceased brother,
now infected, and ends up a tasty
snack. Madison and Travis fight their
way through the rest of Connor’s
group that wasn’t eaten by Reed, and
Alicia up on deck. Alicia sees the scuffle, and Jack pleas for her to
just leave
with him, and leave
her family behind. She chooses her family and takes the long
plunge down
into the water where Madison and
Travis were waiting with the


So, what lessons
did our survivors learn this


  1. Don’t trust anyone outside of your
  2. Having
    complete disregard for everyone outside your circle can bite
    you in the
  3. It’s the end
    of the civilized world, which
    means sometimes you have to fight


believe for a second that Chris shot Reed because he had already
died. I would
beat the last steak
in the apocalypse that reed goated Chris into it and being
the angry, angsty
teenage boy that he is, he feel
for it and pulled the trigger.
I think this is going to be with him for a
long time, and become one of those

defining moments in this character’s arc.

Oh, did we forget to talk

about the voices that only
Daniel seemed to hear? Is the old man losing it or is
there a touch of PTSD
in there somewhere? Make sure to
tune in to the next
episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Sunday, May 15 at 9/8
on AMC.


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