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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Review of ‘Los Muertos’ – The Dead Will Rise and Fall

Published on August 31st, 2016 | Updated on August 31st, 2016 | By FanFest

‘Los Muertos’ was an introduction to the next chapter in the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ saga. Nick gets deeper into his new community, meanwhile Madison, Ofelia, Strand and Alicia find themselves wandering looking for their lost group and a missing boat.


The Dead Will Rise


- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Photo courtesy of AMC


After spending a bit of time around this new community, Nick begins to learn more about the people that live there. After witnessing what amounts to a human sacrifice to the walkers on the wall, he gets recruited to go on a water run with Luicana. On the run he ends up making trouble for her and their compound. In order to get the water, she barters with a local gang who controls a good portion of supplies. In return for a shopping cart of water and medical supplies, she trades him some of the community’s supply of oxycontin.


Nick is caught stealing a candy, and when threatened with losing his hand, Nick pleads with them. When that doesn’t work, threatens to cut off the gang’s much needed supply of oxy. Nick and Luciana get what they need, but she fears the gang is now following them to see where their compound is located.


Frank Dillane as Nick Clark, Alejandro Edda as Marco Rodriguez, Sean Rosales as Marco's Thug #1 - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/AMC
Photo courtesy of AMC


Luciana and her people believe that the outbreak is just the way the world is cleansing itself. 


Every so often the ocean washes red. The coast filled with foam and trash. The sand becomes like poison; burns the water and the land. Washing it clean. This is no different. The dead are returning, and when they go, this world will be as new.


When Nick doesn’t seem to buy into her reasoning, she reveals that the Pharmacist, the one who helped patch his dog bite, had been bitten by one of the infected, but somehow stopped the infection. Does this random man have the cure?


The Dead Will Fall


Infected - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Photo courtesy of AMC


After unsuccessfully looking for Nick for two days, Madison, Strand, Alicia and Ofelia decide to head back to the Abigail, only to find it missing. They take refuge in a hotel up the beach, that initially looked empty. But is anything ever as it really seems in this world?


Strand and Madison take up in the bar, splitting a bottle of tequila and toasting their current predicament. During their many rounds of shots, Madison tells Strand the truth behind her husband’s death, and how she covered it up to the kids. They proceeded to trash the bar and play the piano loudly, attracting the infect that were across the street.


Meanwhile Alicia and Ofelia were checking some of the rooms for supplies. Alicia sees that Ofelia is in a dark place, when she begins talking about how they won’t survive. Alicia find that a room still has hot water, and thinks that maybe a hot shower will help. When she gets out of the shower, Ofelia has disappeared. Alicia heads out on the balcony to see if she can find her, and she sees a bunch of the infected falling off the balconies and into the courtyard of the hotel.


Unfortunately, the sounds from Madison and Strand begin attracting them too, and they suddenly find themselves stuck in the bar, completely surrounded. Alicia runs through the hotel, trying to get back to her mother, and runs into her own bit of trouble.


Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Kim Dickens as Madison Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Photo courtesy of AMC


What do you make of the pharmacist surviving a walker bite? Is the village’s cult-like mentality going to be the reason it lasts, or will it be its downfall? Will Madison and Strand be able to take out the infected, or will one of them end up bitten?


The next episode of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ airs Sunday, September 4 at 9/8C on AMC.

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